How to Get Your to Cat Come Out from Under the Bed



Call your cat.,
Offer your cat food or treats.,
Lure your cat out with a toy.

If your cat is well-acclimatized to you and your home, and is not feeling particularly scared or stressed, getting your cat to come out could be as simple as calling them. If you normally call your cat at dinner time, for treats, or just when you want to give them affection, then your cat probably already associates being called with good things. Call your cat as you normally would for food or companionship., It may be enough just to crinkle a treat bag or tap a spoon on the rim of a food can. If your cat is feeling extremely scared or shy, try setting out food, treats, or catnip near the bed and wait quietly nearby until the cat comes out to eat.If you have a new cat that is still getting acclimatized, this can be a good way to help them get more comfortable in your home. Allow your cat to eat undisturbed and go back under the bed if it desires. After repeating this process a few times, your cat will probably begin to feel safer and start to spend more time out in the open.

, If your cat has a favorite toy, like a “fishing lure” on a string, try dangling it and shaking it around in the cat’s line of sight. Toys that make sound (e.g. toys with bells) may be especially effective for attracting the cat’s attention. Dangle the toy near the edge of the bed. Once the cat starts playing with it, slowly back up to lure them out all the way.

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