How to Get Your to Cat Come Out from Under the Bed



Turn on the vacuum cleaner.,
Sweep under the bed with a broom.,
Try an ultrasonic cat repeller.

If you absolutely must get your cat out from under the bed in a hurry, the sound of a vacuum cleaner is highly effective. Bring the vacuum cleaner into the bedroom, set it up next to the bed, and turn it on. Most cats will bolt at the sound. If your cat is really determined to stay, try sliding the vacuum cleaner hose under the bed and shaking it around., Insert a broom under the bed and gently sweep it back and forth to try to chase the cat out. This may not be effective if your cat is able to climb up into your box-spring.

, There are a variety of devices on the market designed to repel cats with extremely high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to most humans, but unpleasant to cats.Try a handheld device (like the Scatter Cat Pest Repeller or Bestcompu Scram Patrol).

Consider placing a sonic deterrent pad (like Sofa Scram) at the cat’s access points to the bed in order to keep the cat from going under in the first place.

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