How to Get Your Mind Off a Girl



Let yourself be sad, but only for a while.,
Stop communicating with her.,
Get rid of any mementos from your relationship.,
Talk to your friends about how you’re feeling.,
Write it out.,
Celebrate your freedom.,
Get busy.

Eating ice cream and binge-watching some television show on Netflix isn’t just for girls who get dumped. If you want to be bummed and slop around the house for a while, do it. No shame. It’s a necessary phase, sometimes.

Don’t let it go on for too long, or it just becomes whiny and depressing. Good rule of thumb? Let yourself grieve one day for each month you were together. If it takes longer, it takes longer, but let yourself get over her.;
, Whether you’ve been dumped or broke it off mutually, stop talking with the girl. If you’re stuck on someone, maintaining your distance is the key. Stop texting with her. Stop calling her. Stop talking to her on G-Chat. Just stop all forms of communication.

If you have to see this girl, in school or elsewhere, keep it cool. Make your interactions professional and brief. If she keeps bothering you, say something like, “I don’t have anything to say to you.”
Unfriend her or block her posts on social networking sites. There’s nothing to be gained from constantly checking your ex’s page to see who she’s been talking to. That’s only going to make it worse.

, That jersey your girlfriend gave you? Get rid of it. The cute cards and notes she sent you? In the trash. There’s little value in surrounding yourself with things that remind you of this person who hurt you.

If you really like something that reminds you of your girlfriend, or you just don’t want to get rid of it entirely, it’s still a good idea to box it up and put it somewhere you can’t see it. Give it to a friend to take, or shove it into a closet where you can’t see it.

, Often, guys have a hard time talking about their feelings, especially with their male friends. If most of your conversations revolve around sports, music, or some other hobby, it’s still good to just talk. Get together and talk about something to distract yourself, and bring up how you’re feeling if it comes up.

Consider talking to your dad about it. While he might seem like a gruff dinosaur, he’s also probably been there. Open up a little.
It’s also fine, and maybe even better, to talk to female friends, if you need to. Talk to a sister, cousin, or a close friend who you can lean on. Get advice, or just vent.

, Sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, and write about how you’re feeling. Nobody needs to read it, and you don’t even need to look at it when you’re done. But if you’re struggling to deal with your emotions, and you can’t stop thinking about someone, try to write it out, then tear it up when you’re finished. Just vent, then burn the evidence.

Write her name at the top of the paper, and address the letter to her if it helps you focus your attention. Tell her exactly what you wish you could. Then, of course, get rid of it.

, Every breakup is like a coin. On the one side, there’s loss and sadness and all the bad stuff. Yeah, you’re alone. Yeah, you got dumped. On the other? You’re free. Even if you were happy in the relationship, there’s a lot to be said for being single, and having options.

Kick up your heels a little, when it feels right. Sometimes, going out for a dumb night with the boys is called for. You don’t have to ask permission.
try to think of something that you wouldn’t have been allowed to do in your relationship. Blasting AC/DC at 9 am while you eat ribs for breakfast and watch MMA? Do it.
Be responsible, even if you’re hurting. A break-up isn’t an excuse to abuse alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

, If all you’re doing is padding around your room and moping, it’s no wonder that you’re stuck on some girl. Get out of the house and start doing things. Find something to occupy your time, so this girl won’t. Skip to the last section for tips on distracting yourself and getting busy.

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