How to Get Your Mind Off a Girl



Start exercising.,
Distract yourself with work.,
Go out more.,
Consider moving, or making some other big change.,
Pick up a new hobby.

An excellent way to get both your mind and body under control is to start using your body in positive ways. If you’re feeling stuck and down because of a girl, head to the gym, the track, or the basketball court. Get moving, and work out your frustrations and your sadness by getting in shape.

If you like sports, get together with some other people and play. Play touch football, basketball, or some other sport you enjoy playing. Turn all that energy into competing.
If you don’t like sports, find a cardio-strength training routine that you can do by yourself. Pick about 10 basic exercises that you can repeat in brief circuits to get yourself moving.
Many studies report that exercise helps to reduce the risk and the symptoms of clinical depression.Aside from the obvious cardiovascular health benefits, exercise is proven to make you feel better.

, Whatever you do, do more of it. If you have a job, start taking on extra responsibilities, spending extra hours on the job, and working hard at being the best worker there. If you’re in school, throw yourself into your readings and your assignments. Distract yourself by bettering yourself with activity.

Alternatively, it might be good to take some time off. If you’re struggling to concentrate and take things seriously, try taking a week off. Call in sick. Go camping for the weekend and get away from you responsibilities.

, Use the opportunity to socialize more. Hang out with new friends, old friends, and your family. Hit up a new movie, a new dance club, a new bar. Go to shows, go on hikes, go out. Do anything that gets you out of your house and keeps you from moping around.

Try to be with other people as much as you can. It’s cool to go out by yourself, but it’s also a goo idea to hang out with other people, who’ll be able to talk with you and take your mind off things.
Try meeting people, if and when you feel ready. Give yourself the challenge of chatting up a stranger you’re attracted to. It’s a good exercise.

, If you’ve shared an apartment or house with a girl, it can be really hard to stay there. Seeing the same coffee shops, restaurants, and neighborhood spots where you always spent time together can just be annoying. Find a new place, if you can. Explore a new neighborhood on the other side of town.

In some cases, it’s a good idea to split up different hangouts. Give your ex one coffee shop, but take another. Make a rule the other can’t go there.

, If you’re struggling to stop thinking about a girl, give yourself something new to think about and get obsessed with. There are all kinds of things that are better uses of your time than pining over a girl. wikiHow’s a great resource for it as well:

Play Guitar
Mountain Bike
Make Art
Appreciate Death Metal
Make a Model Ship
Collect Coins

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