How to Get Your Mind Off a Girl



Take a shot.,
Make new and different friends.,
Work on yourself for a while.,
Change up your priorities.,
Don’t worry about finding “the one.”,
Find someone else to crush on.

If you can’t stop thinking about a girl, but are too afraid to actually do anything about it, you should do something about it. Pining for someone who doesn’t know you exist is way worse than getting turned down. At least you’ll know, and then you can move on.

Don’t make it complicated, or over-think it. Don’t use any lines. Just walk up to this girl you’ve been thinking about a lot and introduce yourself. Say, “Hey, I know this might seem kind of random, but I’ve just always noticed you. You seem really sweet, and I like you a lot. Would you like to hang out sometime?”
Read this article to learn more about talking to girls.

, If you’ve got a major crush on someone that you can’t be with, that can be a tough situation. Maybe it’s a friend who is already seeing someone, or a girl who doesn’t even know you exist. Whatever the case, it’s always a good idea to form new and different relationships with friends, and try to find the group you feel most comfortable around.

Try to find some girls that you enjoy hanging out with, but aren’t necessarily attracted to. Often, younger people will only focus on looks. Consider just getting to know some girls as friends and hanging out instead. You’ll learn a lot.
Hang out with a variety of different people. Make some artsy friends. Make some sporty friends. Make some friends from all sorts of different families.

, Some people can get totally focused on what someone else thinks. But it’s important, especially when you’re young, to really focus on forming your own identity, and working on yourself. Pursue your fun hobbies, doing things that you enjoy. Throw yourself into your school work. Hang out with your friends. There’s nothing wrong with just enjoying your life as it is.

There’s plenty of time for dating. If you’re pretty young, don’t worry about these youth romances. It’ll get better.

, When you’re young, a lot of guys will focus on the “popular” girls. If you’re stuck on some girl because she’s very social, or very pretty, or all the other guys like her, that’s pretty normal. But, it’s also usually not real. It’s better to find people that you actually have something in common with, and enjoy being around. That’s not always the super-attractive cheerleader type.

try to focus less on superficial things and more on making a genuine connection with someone. Open yourself up to people and be friends first.

, When you’re young and fixed on young love, it can seem like you’ll never find anyone as perfect as this girl you’re crushing on. It can seem like you’ll be alone forever, even if you’re just a teenager. But it’s really hard to know what you want when you’re young.

Remember how into that toy you were obsessed with when you were like 7? How do you feel about it now? That’s usually how you’ll feel about crushes and young relationships when you get older.

, The single best way to move on from a crush that hasn’t worked out is to turn your attentions elsewhere. Who else has got your eye? Who else seems like an interesting, attractive, and engaging person in your world?

Crushes are fun and all, but it’s also good to look inward. Focus on having fun with your friends and spending time with your family. There’s plenty of time for romance.

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