How to Get Your Hen to Become Broody



Place wooden eggs in the nest.,
Place golf balls in the nest.,
Replace dummy eggs with real eggs.,
Allow her to gather a clutch of eggs.,
Consider dating your eggs.

One of the most tried-and-true methods to encourage broodiness in your hen is to place dummy eggs in her nest. You may begin by using wooden eggs that can be purchased at most farm stores., Another common approach to using dummy eggs is to place golf balls in the nest. Oddly enough, some hens respond even better to golf balls than they do to manufactured “dummy” eggs., If you have encouraged broody behavior in your hen and she has begun sitting successfully on dummy eggs (wooden eggs, golf balls, or any other dummy eggs) you can swap these dummies for real eggs. This is most easily done at night when the hen is docile and less likely to reject the eggs.Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling eggs.
Some people prefer to swap eggs during the day, so that if an egg gets rejected they can quickly transfer it to an incubator. However, the evening method is still the most common.

, A different, though extremely common, method is simply to allow your hen to gather a clutch of eggs in her nest, that is, to lay numerous eggs without being disturbed. Once your hen has accumulated a few eggs (usually three to five) her broody instinct should kick in., If you are giving your hen the space and time to gather a clutch of eggs, you may consider sneaking into her nest and using a magic marker to write the date on her eggs. This way, you can remove eggs that have been in the nest for too long.

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