How to Get Your Guinea Pig to Trust You



Feed him in order to earn trust.,
Hold him properly.,
Spend quality time with your guinea pig.,
Have conversations.,
Understand guinea pig behavior.,
Be prepared to bring your pet home.,
Create a pleasant and safe space.,
Be aware the best food for a guinea pig is grass or good quality hay.,
Keep her clean.,
Maintain his health.,
Know the costs.,
Value his company.,
Let your kids help with the guinea pig.,
Enjoy the health benefits.

One of the best ways to earn your guinea pig’s trust is by feeding him healthy foods. In addition to hay and pellets, hand feed veggies, and fruits on occasion as well. Doing this at regular intervals will cause your guinea pig to associate you and your scent with his favorite things to eat.Fruit and sweeter vegetables are an ideal snack to give your guinea pig. Try feeding him a slice of banana or apple once a day, or a piece of bell pepper. Guinea pigs have different food preferences, just like people. Try different types of fruit and vegetables until you find the one that seems to make your pet the happiest. All should be fed by hand. Doing this at regular intervals will cause your guinea pig to associate you with food and caring.;
, You’ll want to give your guinea pig plenty of attention, which means you should be very comfortable holding him. You’ll want to give your guinea pig plenty of attention, which means you should be very comfortable holding him. A supportive but gentle hold is best. Pick him up with one hand under his belly, and one supporting his bottom. Hold him close to your body, especially when moving around.The key to a successful hold is to make sure your guinea pig feels secure. He will have a harder time trusting you if he is afraid of falling. Hold him securely, but loosely enough that he is still comfortable. This includes supporting his rump to get rid of that ‘falling’ feeling.

, It’s not enough simply to be in the same room with your guinea pig while they are in their cage. To effectively bond with your guinea pig, make sure to spend time with them by removing them from their confined area. Take some time each day to pay attention to your guinea pig while they have the freedom to move around.Guinea pigs love to play hide and seek. When you are playing with your pig out of the cage, place several empty paper sacks around the room. Place treats in some of them, and watch your pet have fun exploring!Make sure to keep a close eye on your pet when they’re on the move. They could easily search out several good hiding places, and you don’t want to lose them.
When approaching your guinea pig for play time, offer them a small treat. They will begin to associate positive incentives with spending time with you.

, Talking to your guinea pig is a great way to bond with them. Guinea pigs are social creatures, and they love attention. Place your pet’s cage in a room where you spend a lot of time–maybe your living room or home office. Talk to your guinea pig throughout the day. It may seem strange at first, but you will probably come to enjoy having somebody to talk to who will never disagree with your opinions. Guinea pigs make great listeners!Use your guinea pig’s name frequently. By using their name, your pet will learn when you are specifically talking to them. They’ll learn to look forward to the special attention.

, To earn your guinea pig’s trust, you should spend some time learning to understand the characteristics of these pets. Typically, they are smart, sensitive, and have a lot of energy. Pay attention to your pet’s habits, so that you can learn their likes and dislikes. For example, learning the specific spots they like to have scratched will go a long way towards earning their trust.Guinea pigs are highly social and they love company. Consider getting a companion for your pet. It’s not much harder to care for two guinea pigs instead of one. And it can make it easier on them when you aren’t constantly there to give them the attention and socialization they require.
Don’t worry if your guinea pig does not immediately respond to your affections. As with any animal, it can take time to earn a guinea pig’s trust.

, Before you bring your guinea pig to your house for the first time, make sure that you have everything you need. Take care to have a comfortable home created for them. You should also have plenty of food on hand for your new companion.A good water bottle is one of the most important items you will need for your new pet. Ask the pet store to recommend a brand. A good water bottle will provide your guinea pig with the supply of fresh and clean water they need without any leaks., Most cages that are marketed for guinea pigs are actually too small. You should look for a larger cage that is at least 7.5 square feet. This might mean that you purchase a cage that is intended for another animal. That’s okay, don’t worry about the name of the product. If you can’t find an appropriate cage, you can make your own. A good suggestion could be a C&C cage, which is spacious and affordable. Plus, you can customise the cage!
Make it interesting. Guinea pigs like to move around, so try to find a cage that includes ramps and different levels.
Include bedding. Guinea pigs like to nest and burrow, so make sure that they have the material to do so. Pine and cedar shavings, though widely sold, are not actually good for small animals, because of chemicals. Instead, ask the pet store for a paper-based bedding product, or use fleece with some type of absorbent liner underneath.

, Feed this as the number one constituent of the diet. In addition, you can offer a small amount (no more than they can eat in 20 minutes) of a good quality extruded food. The latter is a pellet that is milled so that each nugget looks identical which stops the guinea pig from selectively eating the tasty bits and leaving the healthier parts. Feeding a diet of entirely pellets leads either to obesity or to the guinea pig’s teeth overgrowing.

Your guinea pig should be eating a few servings of vegetables and fruits each day. Guinea pigs cannot produce Vitamin C so it is important that you supplement their diet, as pellets are not enough. Some pig-safe vegetables are: kale, romaine lettuce, carrot, celery (strings removed) spinach, parsley, and cilantro. Keep in mind that some different vegetables will have different limitations on how much you can feed them per week. Fruits are sugary, but can be fed once every week. Apples (seeds removed), blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, oranges, peaches (pits removed) and cherry (pits removed) are fruits that you can try. You can look online for more safe veggies and fruits. Remember to feed organic if you can, and always, always, always wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly with water before feeding. Remove any food remains after 4 hours to prevent bacteria buildup. , Generally, your guinea pig will be able to bathe itself. But every three months (or if she gets particularly dirty), you can give it a bath. Place her in the bathroom sink, on top of a washcloth. Gently scoop room temperature water over the guinea pig and rub it in.Use a small amount of shampoo and work it into a lather in your guinea pig’s fur. Then gently but thoroughly rinse.
Just bathe your guinea pig’s body, not her head. You don’t want to get water in her eyes.Gently pat your pet dry with a clean, soft towel.

, Your guinea pig should see his vet once every year. Your vet can make sure that he is at a healthy weight and is not showing any signs of illness. Make sure to use a vet who thoroughly and patiently answers all of your questions.Take your guinea pig to the vet anytime they show signs of illness or significant changes in behavior.

, Before you bring home a guinea pig (or two) make sure that you have factored the financial costs into your budget. You’ll need to purchase food, a cage, bedding, and a water bottle. Don’t forget to add in occasional trips to the vet. Annual guinea pig care costs between $500-$800., Animals can read moods. So if you want your guinea pig to trust you and value you, you should reciprocate. Make sure to think about the value that having a pet adds to your life. Isn’t it nice to have company when no one else is around? The more you appreciate your guinea pig, the more it will show.

, Pets are a great way to help your kids learn responsibility. Guinea pigs are an ideal first pet for your children to be around. Have your kids help you feed the guinea pig, and teach them to clean the cage. You, your children, and the guinea pig will all benefit from this arrangement.

, People who have pets are known to be healthier than non-pet owners, in some respects. Guinea pigs provide the same perks as having a cat or dog. Owning a guinea pig can help prevent symptoms of depression and can also lower your blood pressure.

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