How to Get Your Crush to Like You in Fifth Grade (Girls)



Say the casual “Hey” to him to get his attention.,
If you go outside, play the games that he plays.,
Make it your job to hang out with him.,
When you’re working on projects together, get close to him when he needs help.,
Lead yourself to like the things he does, but be yourself, otherwise he might think you’re fake.

Look good around him.,
Lead him naturally into giving him your number, or making him give YOU your number!Here are some examples:

“Hey ___ , do you have a phone?,
Become real friends with the guy.,
Finally, ask him out if he already hasn’t!

If he says “Hi” back to you, then great, you’re already getting started! If he doesn’t, then don’t worry- There are some tips for you at the end.;
, You don’t have to, especially if he just walks around school, but it’s a good way to lead him to second thoughts about you (good thoughts.)

, Say he’s sitting at a different table or he’s sitting in front of you. Pretend to drop something near him. If he looks at you- look back for a split second and then look away.

, If you don’t want to do that, whenever you make eye contact, keep your eyes fixed on his (but don’t be creepy and scary, he’ll think you’re crazy!), and then you’ll probably both start bursting out laughing. NOTE: This might mean he’s nervous, which may be a good thing, because anxiety/curiosity is one of the key terms in having a crush.

,, Don’t be a giggle freak and laugh every time he talks, otherwise he might think you’re a little crazy.

, Remember, be yourself! And if you wear makeup, some skin-tone matching eye liner would be good, along with some eyebrow pencil and a little mascara! If your school has uniforms, wear your uniform in style. If your school doesn’t have uniforms, spice it up! Not too clashing, not too chic to be honest.

, If you do,what type is it?” This will make him think you just want to see what type of phone he has. Then, eventually, he’ll give you his number.

Start a nice, easy-going conversation with him and then ask,”Hey, can I have your phone number?” just ask this calmly. NOT frantically or excitedly. Then, when you get home or when you have FREE time, pretend to “accidentally” call him. If he picks up, or even if it’s voice mail, say, “Hi, sorry, it’s _____. I accidentally called you, sorry I didn’t hang up before you answered. Didn’t realize.” Give a cute laugh at the end of the sentence and then hang up. This will leave him mystified and wanting more.

, No point having a crush on him if you’re not going to befriend him.

, Don’t do this too early or even too late, because he might say “no” if you hadn’t done it sooner because he might think you don’t like him. If he says “yes” or you say “yes”, don’t blab it off. Tell your parent/ guardian of course but don’t run your mouth off about it or your friends might tease you or him and he won’t want to go out with you anymore. Here are some ways to ask him out or say “yes” to him:

“Hey ______! My parents and I are going somewhere and they wanted me to invite a good friend, so I decided to invite you. Wanna come?”

“Hey ______! So, we’ve been best friends for a long time, right? I wanted to know if you wanted to .”
“Hey ____. My parents and I want us to have a little hangout, so… do you want to come?” Or just ask him to hangout with you! Don’t call it a date right away, say something like this, ” Hey do you want to hangout in the park?” Or ” Do you want to come see this new movie with me?” Work your way up to calling it a date, but for now just call it a hangout!

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