How to Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids)



Make eye contact.,
Be yourself.,
Make contact.

Once you start spending time with your crush, you can start sending signals that you like him. This is another place you can let your eyes do the talking.

At this point, you should start making eye contact with your crush for a couple of seconds, gazing, and then looking away. See if they do it back.
Don’t keep eye contact for too long. It can be creepy.

, After you make eye contact with your crush, smile to yourself. Don’t make it a giant grin; you don’t want to seem too excited. But, a little smile let’s your crush know you’re happy they’re paying attention to you.

, However you decide to flirt with your crush, it’s important to be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else to please your crush. They’ll never truly like you if they don’t know the real you.

Also, don’t try too hard on the flirting. Don’t over think it. Giving your crush tons of compliments, laughing at every joke he or she makes, or constantly trying to bat your eyelashes or strike handsome poses will not seem genuine. No matter how stressful this is, try to to just be calm and be your real self.

, After you’ve gotten to know your crush, if he or she seems to react well to your flirting, try touching him or her in playful way. For example:

When your crush makes a joke, laugh, and lightly touch his or her arm or hand. Another thing is to lightly punch him on the arm.
If you are walking past your crush in a hallway or somewhere like that, try lightly brushing your shoulder against theirs. Make it look accidental.
Lightly wiggle your fingers on your crush’s hand or arm.
Stand close to your crush. But, don’t make him or her feel uncomfortable. If they move away, respect their space.
Hold your crush’s hand to lead him or her to places.
When you’re next to your crush, rub your fingers on his or her wrist to tickle it.
Give your crush a hug when saying hello or goodbye.
If you think your crush is starting to like you back, kiss their cheek to see their reaction. However, if your crush hasn’t shown signs of interest in you, do not try this. If they have shown signs of interest, take the risk and try it when you two are alone.

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