How to Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids)



Learn about your crush.,
Find a common interest.,
Spend time together.,
Be positive.

Find out what your crush likes to do. Ask them some question about their favorite activities. Find out what kinds of music, books, or movies your crush enjoys. This can be great material for a conversation. Everyone likes talking about their own interests.

If you know any of your crush’s friends, you can also ask them some questions about your crush’s interests. Sometimes, having the news that you are asking questions about your crush get back to them can have an added bonus. It can signal that you like them without coming out and saying it., Hopefully, you and your crush like some of the same things. Once you’ve found out what he or she likes, this should give you some ideas about things to talk about when you are together. It can also give you some ideas for things you might be able to do together.

Don’t pretend to like things you don’t like to impress your crush. This isn’t being true to yourself. Also, your crush will find out eventually that you don’t actually like or know much about it. This can be embarrassing.
For example, if you and your crush have the same favorite band, that can be great material for a conversation.But, if you hate a band and your crush asks you about them, just politely say that you don’t like them much. Then bring up something you do like. That way, you don’t seem negative, but you aren’t pretending to be someone you aren’t.

, Once you’ve had a chance to chat with your crush a little, look for some opportunities to spend time together.

Use your common interests as a way to do this. If you like to draw and your crush is in the art club, you can join too. If you both like baseball, see if your crush wants to go to a game.
At first, its probably a good idea to try to spend time with your crush in a situation where other people are around. But once you’ve had a chance to get to know each other, try asking your crush to do something where it will just be the two of you., Most people enjoy being around people who are positive. So, when you’re spending time with your crush, try to be positive and happy. After all, hopefully being around this person makes you feel good.

Don’t put yourself down. Nobody likes a bragger, but at the same time, you shouldn’t belittle yourself. If you want your crush to like you, you should show that you like yourself. If your crush gives you a compliment, say “thanks!”
Don’t complain too much. Everyone has a hard day now and then and needs to blow off a little steam. Mainly though, try to keep your conversations with your crush lighthearted and fun.

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