How to Get Your Crush to Kiss You



Say hello.,
Try to hang out with the person.,
Get them talking about themselves.,
Make him or her laugh.,
Be nice to him or her.,
Offer the person a compliment.,
Ask if you can talk or hang out outside of school.,
Imply you’d like to hang out.,
Express your feelings.,
Know it’s okay to be embarrassed.,
Talk about it with the person.,
Ask if you can start kissing.,
Kiss away.

If your crush doesn’t know you exist, try introducing yourself. If you’re in a class together, you can use that as an excuse to start talking to your crush.For instance, say you have history together. You could say, “Hi, I’m Janie. We’re in history together. What did you think of that boring lesson Mrs. Johnson gave the other day?” or “Hi, I’m John. I sit across from you in math. I was wondering if I could borrow your notes for the last class.”;
, See if you can get the person to spend time with you. If you’re able to hang out more, you may be able to make friends with the person.Start with hanging out at school first. Maybe you can eat lunch together or spend some time together in the library.

, One way to get to know a person is to let them talk about themselves. Question them about their lives, such as asking them about their favorite color, their family, or their favorite books and movies.It’s important to listen to the answers, too. That is, pay attention to what’s being said. One way you can show you’re listening is by making comments on what the person is saying or asking related questions., One way to build a friendship is to laugh and have fun together. Share a book of your favorite jokes with the person or giggle together over a silly picture. Having fun together can bring you closer., Lend the person your book when she asks. Bring an extra cookie to school for him when you make some for yourself. Offer to take down notes if she’s going to be gone for the day. Little kindnesses like these go a long way towards building friendship., Compliments let the other person know that you’ve noticed his or her best qualities. Plus, a compliment will make the person feel good, and he or she will associate those good feelings with you.Don’t just limit yourself to compliments about the person’s appearance. For instance, maybe you’ve noticed how smart she is or that he’s a sharp dresser. Just make sure your compliment is sincere and tailored to the person you’re addressing. For instance, you could say, “You always seem to have the right answer in math class. You are so smart!”

, You can use an upcoming event as an excuse. Maybe someone’s having a party or your school is throwing a big dance. Consider asking your crush if you can go together.You could say, “Hey, did you see that dance the school’s having? It may be dumb, but I kind of want to go. Do you want to go with me?”

, If you’re too embarrassed to ask the person outright, try implying that you want to hang out. For instance, you could say that you really want to go see a new movie, which kind of encourages the other person to say he or she would like to see it, too. Then you can suggest you see it together., Tell the person that you like him or her. While it can be difficult to do, it’s the best way to gauge the person’s feelings. In fact, it’s the easiest way to move the relationship forward.For instance, you could say, “We’ve been hanging out for awhile, and I really enjoy being with you. I think I’m starting to like you as more than a friend. What are your thoughts on that?”
Be ready for rejection. That is, your friend may say that she doesn’t see you that way. She has a right to her feelings. Oftentimes, you can continue on with your friendship. Other times, it may become too awkward. Still, it’s important to ask if you want the person to be your boyfriend or girlfriend., Everyone gets a little embarrassed when it comes to love and crushes. It’s okay to feel a bit shy when you’re asking someone to hang out with you or be your boyfriend or girlfriend., If you’re already together as a couple, kissing may seem like the next natural step. However, everyone moves at different speeds. While you may be ready for it, your boyfriend or girlfriend may not be ready. Talk to him or her about how she feels about kissing.As an example, you could say, “I like it when we hold hands. How do you feel about kissing me?”

, Simply asking is the quickest way to move forward, plus it means you have consent. Consent is just a fancy way of saying the person gives you permission to kiss him or her. Basically, you’re just asking the person if you can kiss him or her, or if you’re trying to be kissed, you’re giving the person permission to kiss you.For instance, you can say, “Can we kiss?” or “Would you like to kiss me?” You could also say, “I’d like for you to kiss me, if you’d like to.”
Consent is especially important as you start wanting to get closer to another person. Every person has a right to say what happens to his or her own body. In other words, if you just up and kiss someone, you haven’t given him a chance to say how much he wants to kiss you, and that “yes” is essential. Maybe he isn’t quite ready for kissing, so for now, he may say “no.”, Once you both have agreed to kissing, have fun. Just be sure to talk again if you want to move on to something heavier.

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