How to Get Your Crush to Go out With You



Get to know each other.,
Start doing stuff together.,
Take it one step further.,
Play it cool.,
Ask them out.,
Deal with their response.,
Avoid pestering your crush.

Talk to each other. Take it easy if your crush is shy. Talk about each other’s interests, favorite movies, video games, music, etc.;
, Once you’ve become friends, start partnering up in science class, trying to be on the same team in gym, playing sports together at recess, or just hanging out at the park to do some studying or skateboarding. It’s always important to do something your crush likes to do, without making it seem like a date. Do not try to give hugs or affectionately touch each other in any way. You guys are just friends at this stage.

, Once you think your crush likes you, start doing more activities together. When going to a field trip, go to interesting spots together. When you think you want to be more than friends, and you are ready, try asking the other to go out. Don’t tell your friends what you’re trying to do no matter how trustworthy they may be. They will find a way to embarrass you in front of your crush. Keep what you are doing together a secret; it’s your personal business.

, You really need to let your special someone know that you’re cool. Don’t be up in their face or act weird. They’ll start to like you.

, Once you guys are real good friends, go in for the big step. Ask them out. Make it simple. Don’t go all crazy with the drama and flowers and all that crap. Just make it sound like your asking what the day’s home work was.

Say something like: Would you mind going ____________with me on Friday?
Or: Do you want to go to __________ with me next weekend?

Keep it really simple. If you make it too sudden or harsh, they may take it the wrong way.

, If they say yes, good for you, you have a date. If they say no, don’t go all big with the cold shoulder and drama. Maybe your crush just wanted to be friends. Treat that as a compliment––you don’t know the future, so stay good friends instead.

, They will get the wrong message. Keep your secret a secret until you know both of you want the whole school knowing. Once you tell one person, it just zooms like lightning everywhere.

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