How to Get Your Crush to Dance With You at a School Dance



Hang out with your friends.,
Have confident body language.,
Dance with your friends.,
Catch your crush’s eye.

Before you approach your crush, you want to ease into the dance and get comfortable. Talking with your friends is a great way to spend the first part of the dance. It also can show your crush if they are watching that you are a social and friendly person.;
, Even if you are nervous at the prospect of talking to your crush, try to have confident body language from the beginning of the dance to the end of the night. Stand up straight, smile, and don’t try to hide yourself. People naturally attracted to confident and positive body language, and if your crush sees you looking uncomfortable or worried they might not want to dance.Even if you feel nervous, smiling and standing up straight can actually trick your body into feeling calmer and more confident. That’s why even if you are nervous, you should fake it till you make it.
Try not to cross your arms or use other closed body language that hides your body. Also try not to hang your head; instead keep it up with your chin level.
Also try not to fidget or anxiously tap your feet, as this will make you look nervous.

, If you are comfortable dancing, dance with your friends at the beginning of the dance. This will show your crush that you like dancing, and may be open to the idea of dancing with them.Try not to dance with another guy or girl. If it seems like you like someone else, your crush will be less likely to dance with you.

, If you see your crush looking in your direction, look at them and smile. Only do this if your crush is nearby or if they are looking at or near you. If you stare at them intensely, that might come across more creepy than cute.Making this non-verbal contact is a good first step because it opens up the window for them to come over and say hello, or even ask you to dance!

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