How to Get Your Crush to Dance With You at a School Dance



Wait until the right song.,
Ask your crush.,
Encourage them if they are nervous.,
Keep a respectable distance at first.,
Read your crush’s body language.,
Get closer.,
Assess the situation at the end of the song.

If your crush hasn’t already asked you to dance, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. If you are sitting and talking to your crush, wait until a song comes on that you want to dance to before asking them. For example, you may wait for a slow song or a song that has a good rhythm.If you are already dancing, you may not have as big of a window to ask them to dance, since your conversation may be shorter. If you absolutely hate the song playing, or you feel like it’s too fast to dance to with your crush, try to keep the conversation going until the next song comes on.

, When a song comes on you like, ask your crush, “Do you want to dance?” Keep the tone of your voice light and casual, and make sure to smile as you ask them.Always ask, even if you are dancing near each other. Unless your crush starts dancing close to you, don’t go up and start dancing in front of or against them. Asking them is cute and polite, whereas starting to dance up in their space can be pushy and creepy.If you’re a girl, don’t let society’s norms stop you from asking your crush to dance! There’s a good chance that they will say yes, and be flattered that you asked.

, Many people get nervous about dancing, so your crush may be hesitant to dance even if they like you. If they say something like, “I’m not really good at dancing”, offer to teach them some moves that are easy to follow. Even showing them over-the-top moves like “the sprinkler” is a good way to be goofy and get them comfortable. Your crush will feel less pressure if they know that you aren’t expecting them to look suave or cool.

School dances often play songs that have specific steps. If your crush doesn’t want to dance to regular songs, wait until one comes on like the electric slide that follows a routine, and offer to show them how to dance to it.
If you don’t know any specific moves or dance steps, you can also just say, “It’s ok, I’m a terrible dancer so I won’t judge.” This is a good way of making your crush feel more at ease and willing to dance.

, If your crush says yes, start dancing with them. However, don’t get too close. If you are slow dancing, keep about a foot between yourselves. If you are dancing to a fast song, still try to keep some space between you two., Try to see if your crush is enjoying the dance and wants to get closer. For instance, your crush could close some of the distance between the two of you, or if you are slow dancing they could wrap their arms to hold you closer. They also may look you in the eye and smile, which would be a good indication that they want to get closer., You’ve been dancing at a respectful distance. However, you may see that your crush is enjoying the dance and seems like they would be comfortable getting closer. If you are slow dancing, hold them a little closer to you. If you are dancing to a fast song, move and inch or two nearer to them., Once the song ends, see if your crush wants to dance for another song. If they stay close to you, or start dancing as soon as the new song comes on, it means that they would like to keep dancing. If they move away or give you a hug, it could mean that they enjoyed the dance, but they want to take a break.You can always ask, “Do you want to keep dancing?” if you’re not sure how they are feeling.

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