How to Get Your Crush to Choose You over a Popular Kid



Look at how the popular kid acts around your crush.,
Think of some qualities that you have that the popular kid doesn’t have.,
Try being a little bit like the popular kid.,
Befriend them.,
Spend time with your crush.,
Text your crush.,
When you’re ready, ask them out.

Do they seem to like your crush? Have you caught them looking at your crush often (even briefly)? How often have you seen the popular guy or girl talking to your crush? If they seem to like your crush, then you will have to work even harder, especially if your crush seems to be liking the popular kid back.;
, Are you shy but they’re outgoing? You may see shyness as a disability, but shyness can have a cuteness to it that an outgoing personality just doesn’t have. Embrace and bring out the cuter part of your shyness by blushing and doing other cute things that shy girls/boys usually do naturally. If it’s vice versa, then be bold, strike up conversation and don’t be afraid to lightly tease the guy/girl you like. Are you usually rebellious but the popular kid is usually more mild? Let the rebel in you show as rebel girls/guys can be hot and fun. Show them your wild side (appropriately mind you) by not being afraid to dance and have fun at parties and ignoring the popular kids if they try to insult you or, even better, coming up with a sassy, clever comeback to say to them. If it’s vice versa, then try to show him the sweetness of a mild, more simple personality by doing nice little things for him like being there for him when he’s upset and befriending him. Basically, use whatever qualities you have against the popular kid in your flirting.

, This basically means trying to incorporate their personality into your personality. If you’re a rebel and the other person is mild, try toning down your wild side and being a little less intimidating and reckless and looking before you leap. However, don’t kill the rebel in you either and remember the last step! If the other person is more of a rebel than you, then try being a little more rebellious yourself by being less afraid of risking embarrassed and being able to laugh embarrassment off, taking a few risks (as long as they don’t endanger your life and aren’t too extreme), and standing up for yourself and others boldly. Just remember to still be mild and simple, yet interesting. If you’re a shy guy/girl, try being a little more outgoing and making some small talk with your crush, even if it is sprinkled with shyness. You could also flirt a bit more boldly by catching their eye and winking, but then blushing and turning away shyly or teasing them lightly but then acting a little embarrassed and laughing a little to add some of your shy style to your flirting technique. If you’re more of the outgoing, bold type, be a little bit shy as well. If you’re an outgoing girl, try shyly playing with your hair, giggling, or biting your lip. If you’re an outgoing guy, try looking away from them a little more quickly if they look at you and even laughing nervously sometimes. Just make sure that you still talk to your dream guy/girl often and stay bold.

, Most of the time popular girls won’t befriend their crushes (they’ll just flirt) however, popular guys will usually befriend them so this method might not work as well for the guys. However, it can’t hurt to be a friend to your crush either way. This can help your crush to feel closer to you and less intimidated by your attempts at flirting and/or breaking the touch barrier. This can also possibly make them more open to hugs and such.

, This can usually be a point where you have an advantage over a popular kid because since they are so popular and they have a lot of attention, they don’t have much time to just hang out with their love interest and are busy with other people as well. This doesn’t call for being clingy and never leaving your crush alone, but it does call for being there for your crush when they need it and just spending time getting to know your crush. He/she will really appreciate it and it may make them think all the more about you. If you’re worried that your crush will be uneasy with spending time with you, become their friend (see last step) or just “happen” to end up sitting with them in class or at lunch.

, Don’t do it non-stop or you’ll appear creepy and it’ll seem like you’re stalking them. Just a simple “hey. How’s it going?” and a smiley face will do.

, Just say something like, “Hey, can I ask you something?” Then say, “I was wondering if we could go out sometime.” If they don’t answer, say something like, “You can get back to me on it if you’d like, okay?” If they decline the offer, say “That’s fine. Let’s just keep being friends then, if that’s alright.” Stay calm and cool and don’t stay as casual as possibly.

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