How to Get Your Crush to Be Your Friend



Sit next to your crush.,
Initiate conversations with your crush.,
Start conversations with school-related topics.,
Be kind to your crush.,
Greet them.,
Connect on social media.,
Understand that your crush is human.

It not only captures their attention but also makes it easier for you to start a conversation. You may also have a higher chance of being paired up together, and you can discuss assignments and tests with them. You’ll also be able to comment on what they say without looking weird.

, There are a variety of different topics that you can talk about, but you can mostly focus on the ones that your crush is interested in. Try to come up with a new subject every time you talk to them. That way, they’ll see you as an interesting, fun person and perhaps look forward to your conversations. You could also try asking them for help with a task, even if you don’t need assistance. As long as it’s believable, it should work as long as you don’t do this too frequently. However, be sure that you show that you’re intelligent. For instance, if you’re a math whiz, don’t ask your crush questions related to math.

, You could also your crush about an assignment, which may open the way up to other subjects. Even if you’re not in the same class, ask your crush about their lessons or what homework they have. However, be sure to talk about other topics so that you don’t exhaust the current one.

, In order to show them that you care, lend them pencils, paper, or any other supplies that they may need. Allow them to cry on your shoulder if something bad happens to them, and show them that you are a kind person. Be sure that you don’t overdo it; otherwise, they may take advantage of your generosity.

, A simple “hello” might lead to a conversation. Even if you don’t have time to talk to them, quickly greet them to show that you’re thinking of them. It may also grab their attention and cause them to think of you.

, Add your crush to Facebook or other social networks you’re both on. This is especially recommended if you both have mutual friends. This can lead the way to conversations outside of school, and you may be invited to events.

, Now that you’re talking to your crush, subtly flirt with them. This will help you get a sense of how interested they are in you, and you’ll also show that you’re attracted to them. If you get a positive response, continue flirting a bit and slowly increase it. However, if you feel that they aren’t interested, tone it down a bit.

, Although you may be attracted to them, you need to focus on your own life. They are just a person, and if they don’t show interest, move on. No person is worth that much effort.

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