How to Get Your Crush (for Boys and Girls)



Be the best possible version of yourself.,
Pursue your interests.,
Work hard.,
Tackle problems head-on.,
Only change for you.,
Take care of your body.,
Keep clean.,
Smell great.,
Look great.,
Be confident.,
Let them see you.,
Be a good friend.,
Spend time with them.,
Get to know them.,
Let them know you.,
Find common ground.,
Share their passions.,
Let them be them.,
Flaunt your single status.,
Flirt with them.,
Introduce touch.,
Tell them that you like them.,
Ask them out.

You want to be the best that you possibly can be, in order to not only attract your crush but also to increase your chances of a healthy relationship and make you happier with yourself. Improve yourself by doing some of the following steps.;
, Do the things that you want to do and that interest you. Pursue your dreams. When you do this, you will find you pick up many attractive qualities, like passion, a strong work ethic, and a positive outlook.

, A strong work ethic, determination, and passion are very attractive qualities. People like other people that get really into what they’re doing and work hard. No matter what ignites your passion, throw yourself into your work to show others that you are not some lazy bum!

, If you have bad habits or problems in your life, don’t sweep them under the rug. Take the problem head on and fix it, before it drags down a relationship.

, Your crush should love and accept you for who you are, so if you do make changes to yourself, be sure it is because you want those changes for your own happiness and not because they might make someone else happy.

, Eat healthy and get exercise, because this will leave you feeling energetic and strong. When you feel good and comfortable in your own skin, this shows to other people and they will find you more attractive.

, Keep your body clean by showering regularly and washing your hair and body. Wear deodorant and clean clothes as well. If you still find that you smell a bit off, try cleaning your room or changing what you eat.

, In addition to keeping everything clean, you might want to try making yourself smell extra nice by wearing a little bit of cologne or perfume. Don’t go over the top! Only a little bit is necessary. Try to wear a scent that you feel matches your personality.

, Wear clothes that look nice and look nice on your body. This can be really different for different people. Don’t wear anything too tight or too baggy, wear colors that compliment your natural skin tone and hair, and try to wear clothes that fit with the current trends. Look at fashion magazines or websites to get ideas.

, Act confident to make yourself attractive in a totally different way. Most people are attracted to confidence, so either increase your confidence or fake it until no one notices the difference.

, Don’t hide in the corner….let your crush see the new you! Get out and do things and try not to blend into the furnishings so much. You don’t even have to talk to them. Just be in the same room and see you interact with other people.

You don’t need to go out of your way to attract attention. Don’t be loud and crazy. Be yourself.

, Support them, like a friend should. This is an attractive quality, because it shows how much you care and how much you can add to their life. Listen to them rant about that teacher you both hate, watch one of their games, or surprise them by dropping in on their concerts. Say “Hi!” to your crush as you pass by them. If they aren’t feeling well or are upset about something, help them out and comfort them as best as you can.

, You don’t need to spend time alone with them, but you do need to spend time together. You can hang out in groups and do things like watch movies or go to a great local music venue. Just give them the opportunity to start to get to know you.

, Learn more about them and get to know them for who they really are, rather than just the basic facts that anyone could tell you. People like to feel a strong connection and that the person they’re with really understands them as a whole, so if you know your crush well, they’ll be more likely to take your feelings seriously.

You can get to know them by talking about things that are important to them, like their hobbies, their life goals, their family, and their beliefs.

, They should also get the chance to learn the same things about you. Be open to discussion and inviting. Don’t try to compete with them when you discuss your life; just let them see you for who you are.

, Find out what things you share in common, in order to help build a lasting foundation for a relationship. No matter how cute they are, if you have absolutely nothing in common, you’re not going to have a very good time together. Find out what they’re into and share your own interests with them.

Relationships work best if both of you are geeky about the same thing. And believe us, everyone is geeky about something. Even if that something is football.

, You don’t necessarily have to enjoy what they are most passionate about, but it will help a lot if you can understand and follow along with what they love. Immerse yourself and give it time. And especially ask them for help: it’s a great bonding experience.

, People that are reluctant to get into relationships are usually reluctant because they worry about what that relationship will mean for their free time or who they are as a person. Show your crush that they don’t need to worry about that with you by letting them be their own person. Don’t be clingy. Encourage them to go out and do things they enjoy. And in the mean time, show your independence by spending time on your own and with your own friends.

, Make sure your crush knows you’re single and looking for someone to date. Mention it off-hand in a related conversation. However you do it, they need to know that you are in fact looking for someone to date.Ask them out for a movie or dinner

, Tease them gently using a little bit of sarcasm or a wink and a nudge. Be playful, like poking them on the arm occasionally or punching them lightly on the arm or shoulder. This will begin to show them that you’re interested in them.

, Touching is a much more clear indicator of your feelings. Give them a light touch on the shoulder or the arm, always with a reason or excuse (out-of-context touching can be creepy). When you’re a little closer, try touching their hand too.

, Sometimes people just need things spelled out for them. Tell your crush that you like them but don’t put any pressure on them to respond. They might need time to absorb the idea and examine their own feelings.

, You can skip the previous step in favor of going straight for this one, or you can proceed to this one if they haven’t done anything to respond to your previous confession. If you’re a guy, you’re probably going to have to ask your girl out. Girls shouldn’t be afraid to take the lead though.

Don’t worry about rejection. If they don’t want to date you, that’s their loss and you’re better off finding someone who really appreciates you.

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