How to Get Your Cat to Stand Up



Get your cat’s attention.,
Encourage standing.,
Reward the behavior when it occurs naturally.,
Be stricter about rewards over time.

If you want to begin training your cat to stand, you’ll first need to get your cat to pay attention to you. Use a treat to get your cat to focus. Then, you can begin training your cat to stand.Hold a treat in front of your cat’s nose. This will allow him to smell the treat, grabbing his attention.
When your cat begins to sniff the treat, pull it up. Your cat will end up looking at you, giving you his attention.

, Find ways to encourage your cat to stand. Then, say a command, like “Stand up,” and reward the behavior.

You can keep pulling the treat up higher. If you need to, place the treat near the cat’s nose again to get him more interested. He may follow the treat as you pull it away a second time. As soon as he stands up, say a command like, “Stand!” and give him the treat as a reward.
You can also use toys. Dangly toys, string toys, or toy mice can be held above your cat’s head. As soon as he stands up to reach the toy, say the command and offer the reward.

, You want your cat to understand that you want him to stand up on cue. Pay attention to your cat during day-to-day activities. Cats may occasionally stand up on their hind legs if they’re curious about something or trying to get your attention. Try to reward this behavior as it naturally occurs to help establish a connection between the desired behavior, a command, and a reward.

If you see your cat standing up, say a command. You can say something like, “Stand up!” or “Beg.” Then, reward the behavior using your chosen method.

, At first, you can reward your cat for simply engaging in behaviors that are close to the desired behavior. For example, if your cat raises a paw, reward him. As time goes on, withhold treats until your cat completes the command. Do not give your cat a treat, praise, or press the clicker until he’s standing with both paws in the air. This will help establish how you want your cat to behave and teach him to stand up on cue.

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