How to Get Through the Day on Less Than Four Hours of Sleep



Reorganize your schedule, if possible.,
Delegate your tasks for the day.,
Take a break from your normal routine.,
Engage your peers during meetings or in classes.

Rather than try to tackle all of your tasks for the day at once, adjust your schedule so your more important appointments are at the start of your day. If you are sleep deprived, you will likely try to maintain a higher level of energy in the morning and feel burned out by the end of the day. Create a schedule where you prioritize the important tasks first, while you still have energy.If you cannot reorganize your schedule, plan on a nap break or a caffeine break between meetings or tasks so you can stay awake and alert.

, If you have other co-workers or peers who can sympathize with your lack of sleep, try to delegate some of your responsibilities for the day. Explain your situation and promise an IOU in exchange for help on a project or task. This will allow you to manage any stress or anxiety due to lack of sleep, and focus on only one or two tasks for the day., In an energy slump, it may help to switch to an activity that you enjoy doing or feel relaxed doing. Going through the motions of your day will likely make you more tired and drowsy. Instead, go for a quick walk outside or have a coffee break with a coworker. Jolting your brain out of your normal routine will keep you alert and ready to tackle the rest of your day., If you feel you are in danger of falling asleep during a meeting or during a class, push yourself to work the room. Ask questions of your peers or your clients, raise your hand during class, and try to stay engaged in the conversation. Getting involved in the discussion will help you stay alert, and force your brain to stay focused.As well, if you were planning to present a 50 slide Powerpoint presentation at a meeting, try to engage your co-workers in conversation during the presentation. Otherwise, you might end up putting yourself and others in the room right to sleep with a dry, slides only meeting.

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