How to Get Through the Day on Less Than Four Hours of Sleep



Listen to upbeat music.,
Have a protein snack.,
Turn the lights up.,
Go for a quick walk or stretch every 30 minutes.

Skip relaxing or soothing music like Classical or smooth jazz. Go for the latest pop tune or an electro-dance mix to keep your toes tapping and your mind alert. Look for upbeat mixes online, some of which last for hours, and turn them up in your headphones., Protein stimulates a neurotransmitter in your brain called orexin. Orexin regulates arousal, wakefulness, and appetite in your body. Having protein snacks throughout the day will stimulate your brain and keep your body up and alert.Go for healthy protein snacks like a handful of almonds, peanuts, or cashews. Rice crackers, cheese, and sliced turkey and ham is also a more filling protein snack.
Fruit high in fiber, like apples, and natural sugars, like oranges, are also good snacks to keep you awake and alert.

, Light will keep your melatonin levels down, which causes sleepiness, and keep your eyes open despite your lack of sleep. Try to balance a bright overhead light with a low light at your desk., Doing light exercise every 30 minutes will keep your body and mind active, especially if you have been sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Walk to a park nearby or do a few laps around the block. More vigorous exercise like a quick run or sprint can also keep your hormone levels up and ensures you don’t fall asleep during the day.

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