How to Get the Boy You Like to Go from Total Stranger, to Friend, to Boyfriend



Try to make sure you really like this guy, and if he’s even worth your time.,
Start getting to know him better.,
Find common interests.,
Joke around and carry a sense of humor.,
Ask questions.,
Ask him if he’s busy during the weekend.,
Give him gifts.,
Ramp up your flirtatious behaviour.,
Ask personal questions.,
Get him to be comfortable around you.,
If he had an ex, find out if he’s over her.,
Tell him about your ex.,
Hint to him that you’re interested.,
Ask him out on a date.,
Text and e-mail him.,
And once you guys have hung out and finally gotten to know a lot(but not everything) about each other, pop the question, “Have you ever pictured us, you know, “together”?”,
If the guy says “I don’t feel like I want to take us to next level right now.”,
And if the guy says yes the first time, be cool about it.,
If he doesn’t like you, don’t take it personally.

If you’re looking for specific traits in someone, ask a friend or even take the time yourself to see what this boy is all about. You don’t want to waste your time on someone who isn’t who you think he is. What’s the point of that?;
, Spend some time talking to him: make your goal at least once every other day. You don’t want to seem obsessive, but you don’t want to appear too afraid to talk to him either.

, Do you both love rock music? What about basketball? It’s always helpful to know what this guy is interested in, and even if you can’t find anything you two have in common, try to get interested in what he likes. Who knows? He might not end up liking you, but you could find a new hobby.

, Make him laugh and feel comfortable around you. However, make sure you avoid using any jokes that could offend him; you never know what could happen.

, You don’t have to go overboard, but the occasional sitting next to him or complimenting him can have a huge impact.

, The best thing to do in a moment of awkward silence. You can also start a conversation like this, especially if you want to get off of a topic other than yourself. This is also a great way to get to know him a bit better.

, Consider inviting a few other people with you to avoid an awkward first “date” night. Go to the movies or an arcade, or go and get some pizza.

, You should get him a birthday gift/Christmas presents. Nothing too big, though.

, When you guys have been talking for a while (about 2 to 3 weeks) start flirting with him a little bit more. Touch his shoulder during conversation or look him right in the eyes when you two are talking. (But don’t look into his eyes in a weird or obsessive gaze or he will flip.)

, Once you guys start hanging out more often, ask more personal questions about him, and reply honestly when he asks you about your life, unless it’s something personal you don’t want to spill, and be open to him. Let him get to know you, but make sure not to take it too fast. Don’t tell him everything he needs to know about you in your conversations. Let him nibble off the cheese and show him little tidbits of yourself. That way, you’ll have new conversations every time, and you won’t be boring. Boring topics are the free way to the check out list! And avoid lying too. The truth will always find it’s way back to him, and it could end up embarrassing you.

, If it’s just you two, strike up a conversation casually, let him know that he can be comfortable with you in any situation. That’s a great way to land him as your boyfriend. And always be there when he needs you. That’s not just if you want to be bf/gf, that’s for friends in general. But it’s still a good tip.

, The first thing you’ve got to find out if whether or not he’s still got a fire for his ex. If that’s the case, you don’t want him as a boyfriend. To find out, casually ask him. Get him to talk about any feelings he has about her, whether they’re good or bad. Get him to spit out about whether or not he’s seen her recently, if they still keep in touch, etc. If you find that he’s over her, then move on to step two.

, Let him know in no vague terms that you are 100% over that “person” who broke your heart. Guys are very easily deterred by women who are still hung up on an ex. Don’t come off like one of those women. That’s the quickest way to make sure this guy that you like stays just your friend.

, Let your guy friend know how much you highly think of him and how much you think he would make a great boyfriend for someone one day. He’s probably so used to being nagged, debased and mothered by his ex that it will be refreshing to hear that you think he would actually make a fabulous boyfriend.

, But don’t call it a date. In its place, invite him out to the movies one night as friends. If he asks you out the following weekend and you ask him about again, the next thing you know, you both will find yourself dating.

, Send him comical text messages and e-mails. It’s a fantastic way to build your friendship and future relationship. Guys want women they can be themselves with them. By letting all hang out, you’re letting him know that you’re fun and cool at the same time.

, Do this when you two are alone someplace, you won’t know if his answer is true otherwise. A lot of guys say “no” if they’re around their friends because, they don’t want to attract attention from everyone else. They feel like they’re pressured to say yes, because, well, their friends will rag on them and drive him to “no”.

, He means, “You’re great as a friend, I just don’t want to be bf/gf right now.” Respect his choice, and then stay friends. Don’t act let down, because that will create an oddness between you two, which will set you back to almost strangers. And if one day, he says, “Hey, do you want to catch a movie with me? You know, as a date?” then smile(you know you’ve been waiting!) and say, “I thought you’d never ask.” and bite your lip. Biting your lip gives you a look of excitement and anxiety which is a good look, because then the guy knows you’re nervous too.

, Do the same “bite the lip” routine. And, if he goes in for the kiss, enjoy every steamy moment of it. You can’t say you haven’t known him for long enough, because you have, as a friend. That automatically gives you the right to kiss him right when he asks you out. But don’t kiss him first, let him do the honors, and then, after a few dates, you can make the first moves all you want.

, There are more fish out there in the sea. You’ll find that one guy someday!

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