How to Get Someone out of Your Head



Accept that the relationship has ended.,
Cut off communication.,
Get rid of reminders of the relationship.,
Stay away from places you used to frequent with your ex.,
Deal with your feelings.,
Learn from the relationship.,
Find healthy ways to vent.,
Find a role model.,
Date other people.

You can’t move on until you’ve accepted that you and your former partner are no longer together and that the relationship isn’t coming back.;
, Don’t call, text, email, or otherwise contact or talk to your ex. It will only make it harder for you to get yourself together and move on.

There may be a time when you and your former partner can be friends, but that time is definitely not now.Absolutely under no circumstances visit their Facebook page. Unfriend them and stay away.Also stay away from his or her close friends. It may be difficult if you have mutual friends, but for the time being, stick close to your own friends. You’ll avoid getting pulled back into any drama and hearing about what your ex is up to.

, Go through and get rid of any mementos, photos, or other reminders of your former relationship.

You can’t move on if you’re still clinging to remnants of the relationship, and you definitely won’t move on if you still attach sentiment to them.

, Hanging out in places the two of you used to go will make it harder for you to move on.

You may be able to begin going back to them eventually, but for now, stay away.

, Recognize the feelings that you still have about the person and/or relationship, whether it’s anger, sadness, disappointment, longing, or resentment.Don’t try to hide from the feelings. Instead, allow yourself to feel them fully; so if you need to wallow, then wallow. Accept your feelings so that then you can begin to move on.

, Think critically about why the relationship ended, including mistakes you made as well as mistakes your ex-partner may have made.

Use what you’ve learned from the mistakes each of you made to begin building strategies to avoid similar missteps in the future.

, Using healthy outlets will not only help you deal with your feelings but also improve your own well-being at the same time.

Beating yourself up or becoming self-destructive will make the situation infinitely worse and make the process of moving on much longer and harder.Let your friends and family be your resource–talk to them and let them be there for you.
Going running, hitting the gym (hello, punching bag!), taking a hike, joining a yoga class…all excellent options.
Write–but don’t send–an angry letter. Let all your ugliest feelings out and let yourself have some catharsis. But do not send the letter. It will make your situation worse rather than better and stop you from moving on., Look for a strong role model you can look up to as well as take inspiration from. Perhaps a friend or character or public figure who got back up better than ever after getting knocked down.The more you can take inspiration from people who have stumbled and caught themselves, the easier it will be to envision yourself doing the same.

, It’s harder to pine for an ex when you’re seeking new partners. But make sure to keep your feelings about your ex and the relationship out of your new dating scene.

Avoid bringing up or grumbling about your ex with a date–don’t let the old relationship taint your new ones.

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