How to Get Rid of Mites on Budgies



Look for scaliness or crustiness on the budgie’s toes.,
Treat your bird to eliminate scaly mites.,
Listen to your budgie’s breathing.,
Give your budgie medications to combat air sac mites.

Like many birds, the toes of budgies are covered in scaly skin. If you notice changes in your bird’s toe scales, however (abnormal color, size, shape, texture, etc.), this could indicate that your pet has scaly mites., Avimec/Scatt one drop on the skin on the back of the neck once a week for 2-3 weeks will kill the mites and eggs., A bird that is infected with a particular pest called air sac mites (Sternostoma tracheacolum) may have trouble breathing. You might hear a clicking or wheezing sound when your budgie breathes if it has this problem.You may also notice your budgie’s tail flitting up and down, or that your bird breathes with its mouth open. These are also signs that the bird is having trouble breathing.

, Both ivermectin (Avimec/Scatt) and levamisole are effective against a variety of parasites, and are often prescribed to treat budgies infested with air sac mites. Unfortunately, the mortality rate for budgies afflicted with air sac mites is high, even with the availability of these medications.

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