How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast



Try a suppository.,
Move on to a rectal (liquid) enema, such as Fleet brand, if you need immediate relief from constipation.

These pills can be inserted into the rectum in order to stimulate a bowel movement if the need is necessary. Many people find these pills more comfortable than the enema method; however, they may not provide relief as quickly.

, In severe cases, this can be used with milder methods as listed above. Read the directions carefully and make sure you are in a comfortable place within very close proximity to a bathroom.

Ready the enema according to package instructions.
Lay on your side or with your buttocks slightly elevated.
Insert the tip of the enema into the rectum and squeeze the liquid into the rectum. You do not need to empty the container.
Stay in this position for one to five minutes, or until you feel the urge to use the bathroom.
Use the bathroom repeatedly as needed.
Call your doctor if you’ve used an enema, but haven’t had relief within 30 minutes.

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