How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion



Try a new way of coughing.,
Take the right supplements.,
Relieve nasal congestion.

If you’re coughing a lot but not getting relief, try this to help loosen mucus. When you feel a coughing fit coming on, make a series of small and gentle coughs. Finish with a deep cough. The smaller coughs can help move the mucus, while the last cough can help get rid of it., If you choose to take a supplement, the National Institute of Health has found the following to be “possibly effective” in either reducing the symptoms of a cold, including congestion, or in helping prevent illness in the first place: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, ginseng, echinacea and zinc. The following have not been designated as “possibly effective”: olive leaf extract, garlic, elderberry, whey protein, probiotics, goldenseal root or Airborne. This isn’t to say they aren’t effective, but the research is not as supportive as for those listed first.

Be careful when taking supplements. Taking too much can be life-threatening. They can also be harmful to children, pregnant or nursing mothers, and other populations.
Talk with your doctor before taking them, and read the safety information thoroughly first.

, Often half the battle with getting rid of chest congestion is clearing your nasal passages, too. Post-nasal drip seeps down your throat and into your lungs. This often creates or makes chest congestion worse. Here are some home remedies for relieving nasal congestion.

Sleep with your head raised. Put 1-2 extra pillows under your head so that it’s raised 6-8” if you find yourself coughing a lot at night.
Irrigate your nasal passages with a neti pot or other saline nasal irrigation system. Make sure you sterilize the water as instructed. Deaths have resulted from using straight tap water.Yoga poses, such as the reclining bound angle, cobra and bow, may be helpful in opening up nasal passages. Don’t overdo it while sick, however, because too much exercise isn’t conducive to getting better more quickly. Instead do them in mini-sequences.

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