How to Get Rid of Boy Troubles



Think about the boy.,
Talk to him and find things you both like.,
Don’t be shy!,
Befriend one another!,
Don’t ignore him!,
Acknowledge him.,
Be tactful if he’s bothering you.,
Don’t tolerate bullying.

Do you like him? Do you think you might like to get to know him a little better? Do you enjoy his company? Answering yes to these questions suggests that he might be someone you would hit it off with.;
, Be yourself!

Definitely don’t pretend to be a big fan of, for example, his favourite band if you have never heard of them. Instead ask questions like ‘What kind of music do they play?’ ‘Have you seen them play live?’ ‘What’s your favourite song?’. Take an interest in the band. Smile and ask questions while he talks about them. Tell him you’d love to check out their music online when you get home; ask for song suggestions or even a link to his favourite song on Youtube. You then have a perfect opportunity to chat again in a few days time.
If he’s into sports and you aren’t, take an interest but don’t be afraid to admit sports aren’t your thing. Mention something else you do to keep in shape or mention a game you went to see. You don’t have to become David Beckham if soccer is his thing but learn a few things about his favourite team and engage with him when he talks about his favourite hobby. Find a way your hobbies can align; maybe you could join him on a run sometime or share recipes for high-protein snacks if cooking appeals to you.
If he asks about your hobbies, carefully watch his response. If he acts bored or disinterested, move the conversation on. Nail art or hockey drills are fascinating if that’s your thing – but appreciate that it’s a bit like watching paint dry if you’re not into it.

, If you can pop that question: What kind of girl do you like? Then do it. Do it with everything you have!

, As well as becoming friends with each other in real life, send a friend request on social media like Facebook or any other site like that. It’s often a more casual way to express an interest in keeping in touch than swapping numbers. Play it casual – don’t send a friend request right away but don’t wait a week. Perhaps wait until later that evening or the next day. If he sends a friend request, wait twelve to twenty four hours to reply. However, if he added you straight away, accept straight away.

Make sure your profile picture shows off your best side before sending or accepting a friend request. Positive first impressions go a long way.

, It could go either way, from leaving you alone to getting worse. Politely tell him to go away.

, You don’t have to instigate a conversation but if he asks you a questions, nod or shake your head or give a polite, brief answer. If he asks what you’re doing next weekend, you might say ‘I’m meeting some friends for a Chinese meal; we’re having a girls night out. I’m looking forward to it.’ Don’t give a frosty response like ‘None of your business’ or a one-word answer. Don’t lead him on either by saying ‘I’m going to the disco on Main Street on Saturday. Are you?’ or ‘I’ve no plans but I was thinking of catching a movie’. Be gentle and polite but don’t give the wrong impression or leave things ambiguous. Boys’ hearts are just as sensitive as girls’ hearts, you know; they get hurt easily.

, You don’t have to put up with his persistent presence if it upsets you but don’t blurt out that he is the most annoying person that ever lived and that he smells and that his new shirt is a weird mould colour. That won’t help anyone.

If you have to ask him to leave you alone, do it tactfully. I’m sorry Kevin but I really can’t talk right now, I have to look over these notes! I have a test next class. Your friends are helpful in this situation, perhaps asking if they could talk to you privately about something. Be polite but firm.
If he’s bothering you online or endlessly sending messages, ask him to stop. If he won’t, unfriend or block him. If he keeps ringing your mobile number you can block his number.
If he tries to sit next to you constantly, talk to a good friend and ask them to sit beside you in class or at lunch so that he can’t physically sit beside you. If there is a seating plan and he is harassing you, talk to your teacher and see if he/she can juggle things around.
If he’s always tagging along with you, ask your friends to join the group if they see you alone together. He is less likely to bother you when a big group of friends are around and chatting to you both.

, If he is hurting you physically or emotionally abusing you, tell someone you trust. This is not okay. Don’t hurt him and do not ever, ever allow him to hurt you.

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