How to Get over Your Crush Who’s a Jerk



Write down your feelings.,
Think about other things.,
Don’t think of yourself as a loser just because the person said they didn’t like you or that you’re too smart, too nice, etc.

Try talking to a parent, sibling or a friend about what’s happened.

Let it all out on paper. You don’t need to keep what you’ve written (unless you want to). The act of writing can help you to sort out your feelings and face facts about how wrong this person was for you.

, Plan a birthday party, think about visiting a cousin or getting a new pet. Find things to distract you from obsessing about this person and their behavior.

Take the dog for lots of walks. Use the time to enjoy nature and keeping fit.

,, If it’s a little too embarrassing to talk about it to your mom or dad, tell your older sister, your grandparent, or even your school guidance counselor

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