How to Get Over the Ex Who Bullies You



Whatever happens, do not say anything bad about your ex as he could use this against you if you decide to tell a teacher.,
Treat him like any other bully.,
record everything that is life threatening or abusive include times dates locations what you were doing , how this incident started

Take reasonable precautions against ever being alone with him.,
Tell your friends what is happening and get their support.,
Ignore your ex’s verbal comments.,
Stick to the facts.,
Look for other exes he has left in his wake.

Stick to the facts and the truth. Don’t drag up past behavior unless it’s extremely relevant – such as “He used to verbally belittle me like that right before he got violent and that’s why I’m concerned about my safety.”;
, It doesn’t matter that you two used to be an item. What he’s doing is bullying and if he’s doing it to get you back, have enough self respect to keep saying No. You deserve better than that. No one deserves to be bullied by a partner, let alone an ex-partner.Or even if he is a stranger.

Stay away from him as much as humanly possible.
Document instances of harassment and report them to the authorities. Do not do anything he asks you to do, for he is attempting to take control of you again. He will be as devious as anyone can get. It is recommended you get an injunction or restriction order on the person in order to silence him completely. To do that, you will still need evidence, such as photographs of his behavior.

, Keep friends around you and stay within sight of teachers and authorities, especially those who are sympathetic or known to act promptly dealing with bullies.

, They will be able to refute the nasty things being said about you. Don’t be shocked if guys you don’t know expect you to act as described, set them straight about it in a firm but casual way. “He wishes I was that kind of girl who pretends to be who she’s not. I’m not. Go find someone who is.” Don’t blow up and have hysterical outbursts, that’s exactly what the bully wants if he put your number on the bathroom wall or something like that.

Keep your dignity. This will enrage him more than anything else and it’s a good way to get uninvolved people on your side. Don’t play the same social games back at him, just keep your dignity.

, Get on with your life; after a time, it will become clear that the issues are with him and that he is bad.

Do not believe any of the negative things he says about you. Remember that his motive is to make you feel ashamed and miserable. It’s easier said than done, but vitally important to your sanity. He does not know you better than you know yourself. Listen to what your friends say about you for accurate feedback. If your friends and enemies both agree on something about you, it’s probably true but may not be anywhere near as bad a thing as the way he puts it.

, If you need to clarify anything about your relationship with this person, just tell the facts. Do not embellish and make sure that what you can say can be established easily by others.

, They might be a source of support as they have probably been through this too.

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