How to Get over the Crush You Have on Your Guy Friend



Stop only thinking about him.,
Don’t cling to him whenever you, your friend, and his crush are together.,
If the girl he likes is nice, try to make friends with her.,
Try not to care so much about what he thinks.,
If you have a close enough friend that’s a girl, try seeking her advice.,
Try to focus on one of his flaws.,
Don’t let this ruin your life!,
Do not let this crush ruin your friendship.

If you notice anyone else you might like, go for it. Try to broaden your horizons and not obsess over him.This can help you to realize that he’s probably not as great as you thought.;
, Even if it’s not just the three of you alone. He’ll think you’re weird and could figure out you like him.

, That way you’ll be more relaxed around her and him when all of you are together.

, It’ll matter even more to you what he thinks about you because you’re friends, and you’ve probably already accepted advice and opinions from him.Just ask someone else some of the things you’d usually ask him.This will help you to get a fresh, new perspective on things.

, You never know, she could have some experience in your dilemma. Nothing beats another girl’s advice, just make sure you’re asking the right person.

, Don’t make him out to be a terrible person, just think of a little thing that kind of annoys you or turns you off whenever you think this about him.

, You probably have something else to think about besides your guy friend 24/7. If he’s in your classes,activities,office, maybe even a team, you can still do other things without him. Do something with a friend or friends, try new things, get involved in something….

, Although it’s hard to think of him as just a friend, you can still do things together. You are friends, right?You have to remember that you were and still are friends with him even if you do like him.

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