How to Get over Someone That You Know Doesn’t Like You



All this information will be if you are not particularly close or friends with the person.,
Decide first if you want to get rid of them for good.,
Cut off any contact you may have with him/her.,
Do not try to talk to them when unnecessary.,
Write a list of all their bad points.,
try to remember a time that they were not particularly nice to you or annoyed you.,
Remember, if they were not willing to make an effort with you; why should you too?,
Spend more time with friends and family.,
If you have imaginations/fantasies of this person in your mind then replace them with someone else.,
Check out other guys/girls.,
Find new interests or be more involved in activities.,
Look after yourself, you are more important than some person you barely know.

Only for people who have minimum contact with their crush.;
, You must be prepared to get over them and move on. Or else do not read this anymore.

, Examples: Deleting or blocking from social networking websites; avoiding going to similar places unless you have to. By doing this you’re giving less of a chance to watch them and get obsessive and start finding reasons to like them even more.

, Only when it is important that you do so, you want to do everything in your power to stop liking them and by getting to know them you could find more good things to like.

, After doing this, keep it somewhere you can look at it, always think of their bad points rather than the good so you have a reason to dislike them.

, Keep this moment of time in your mind, if they could do that, why are they worthy of your time.

, They don’t like you or want to get to know you, it’s their loss and never forget that.

, Being with your family and friends is a great way to get over anything or anyone. By spending more time with them, your time will be more occupied and you would have those things ruling your mind rather than the thought of them. Keep socializing.

, By having an emotional connection with this person in your mind, you will never be able to let go, your mind is the strongest and most powerful thing and if you can convince your mind into not liking him then you can do anything really.

, There are so many different people out there and if you don’t want someone different, there’s someone the same but better. Look around, once you find yourself letting go of this person there’s a greater chance that you’ll meet someone that actually likes you.

, Find something different to do. Maybe help around with something, get a job, make a blog, make new friends, start a sport, join a club. Anything you might never have done before or you’ve always wanted to do.

, Focus on being a better person or working on your appearance, or meeting new people. Just keep yourself as a huge priority right now.

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