How to Get over Somebody in Days



Get them out of your life – don’t call them, text them, e-mail them or visit their Facebook or Myspace account.,
Be Confident – Show them that you are happier now without them, even if your still hurting.,
Get rid of anything that reminds you of them – Yes girls, that includes all the jewelry, clothes, chocolates, whatever.,
Do new things – Do new extreme things like travel, get new friends, get new hobbies, get a complete change in your life.,
Get a journal – Write down all of the feeling you feel, all the things you do, and all the people you’re with until you feel you have moved on.,
Understand what he/she wants – A big reason people miss or still want to be with their old partners is because you look back at your relationship time after time, analyzing every detail of everything you both have ever done until you want to be with them again, to change everything that you messed up last time.,
Talk to them – Now that you feel you are pretty much over them, you still have that little bit of curiosity left.,
This above was an overview of what you should do to get over them, but here is 30 different things you can do to get over them:

,Do not call them

,Do not text them

,Do not e-mail them

,Do not visit there Facebook or Myspace

,Don’t act jealous

,Don’t be insecure

,Don’t be desperate

,Be confident

,Go on with your life

,Get a new hobby

,Spend time on yourself

,Decide if your life is better with or without them (REALLY think about this one)

,Learn how to ‘let go’

,Forgive them

,Don’t say things you’ll regret

,Be, feel and act attractive

,Take a vacation

,Get rid of bad habits that caused problems in that relationship, so you won’t have those problems when you find someone new

Don’t try to make them feel guilty.,Don’t fear loneliness, embrace it to discover who you are

,Be able to admit your mistakes

,Go on a blind date

,Lose some weight, feel better physically and emotionally

,Learn patience

,Be yourself

,Make sure whatever you didn’t like in your past relationship won’t be in your next one

,Start talking to them again as friends

Be happy that you can have a new life, stress free.

Most sites say to keep in contact with them, but I found that if I talked to them and looked at their pictures, I started missing them again. So try to have as little contact as possible. If you go to work or school with them, I suggest to only have casual conversation with them as best you can, try not to become friends with them again yet.;
, So don’t be insecure, DON’T BE DESPERATE, be confident, (try) to get on with your life, get a new hobby and other things that make you feel good.

, And yes guys, that means that new watch, those underwear she thought you looked cute in, pictures you took together, whatever. By getting rid of those reminders, you will be able to put new reminders up of family, friends, or maybe someone new.

, Or smaller things, but still effective, like going shopping, trying new foods, have a party or get together. Just have fun with the people you want to be with, don’t force yourself to be happy. Its only natural to be sad, and you don’t just get over it quickly, take your time, but don’t stop your life because of them.

, My favorite part about writing a journal is rereading it again, seeing my progress with getting over the person.You really feel like you have accomplished something and you will always remember them, just not in a sad way like you miss them but more in a way that your happy for the experience with that person.

, So ask their friends about them and see the real reason they didn’t want to be with you anymore, or how they felt when you left them. If you feel ready and brave enough, I suggest you do it yourself. Don’t ask them right away or in the next week after the breakup, but when you know you are over them, maybe even in a month or so. Then they will also feel confident to tell you because they understand what they feel as well.

, So now is the time to re-connect with them as friends, JUST FRIENDS. Not friends with benefits. Once you feel close enough in a matter of maybe weeks, or even months, ask them how they felt about how your relationship ended, or any other questions you might have had about your past relationship. Then, remind them that you are happy that they are just friends now, and be excited for the rest of your life.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I know you might feel like they deserve it, but you don’t have to stoup to their level.


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