How to Get Over Home Sickness



Get your mind off home by distracting yourself.,
Keep some photos with you.,
Reach out to those who are around you.,
Realize that you’re missed too.,
Note when you’ll meet up again or return to the place you came from.

Think about the things that aren’t so great back at home as a way of reminding yourself that the current experience is actually a good opportunity. For example, you might think about the times you and your family don’t get along, make life hard for one another and even argue! Of course, there’s no need to overdo this but it does serve you well to remember that life is full of ups and downs no matter where you are, at home or away. Thinking like this can quell the desire to rush back home.;
, Have photos of the people and places you care about. It’s really easy to put some photos on your phone, portable music device, in cloud space, etc., for quick and easy retrieval. You can also print off photos and stick them in your diary, your wallet, a journal or anything else you use and look at regularly.

You could even include mementos, such as letters, notes, small things people have given you over time.
Voice messages can also be a useful memory to carry with you. Ask people you care about to leave you some good luck messages on your phone. Replay them when you feel down.

, A friend, an acquaintance, the people you’re staying with, etc. are all good sorts to connect with. See the opportunities available to you to widen your circle of friends and chosen family rather than feeling overwhelmed. These are just more people who form part of your circle in the world, make the most of them.

Get on Skype or some other program and connect directly with the people you care about. Seeing them can make it feel as if they’re right in the same room with you. Sing, dance, have a contest together, all over the video link!

, Although it can be easy to get wrapped up in missing others, it’s highly likely there is at least one person (and maybe a pet or two) missing you too. It’s a two-way street and it’s an experience most human beings have in their lifetimes at some point. Be reassured by the reality that this is a learning experience and that others are going through it with you.

Ask loved ones and friends to send you drawings, photos and updates about what is happening where they are. They’ll be thrilled that you’re still interested in their experiences, as much as they’re keen to hear about yours.

, Mark it on a calendar as something to look forward to. Book your tickets on time, if relevant; the tangible proof that you’re returning can help a lot.

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