How to Get over Being Shy in Front of Your Crush (Girls)



Figure out how you look when you’re around your crush and you could even ask some friends how you are whenever you’re around him.,
Know and remember if your crush sees you like that, he may know you like him.,
Whenever you approach your crush, whether you bump into him at a store, at school with friends or by yourself, or just anywhere, stay and remain calm and focus your attention on something else.,
If you think about your crush a lot and maybe even daydream about him, slowly start thinking of your crush less and less everyday, so that when you see him, it won’t be as big of a deal.,
Once you’ve gotten over your shyness or feel more comfortable around your crush, stay POSITIVE.,
Have your friends make you feel better and help you with your crush (Especially the ones you trust).,
Find something you have in common with him and if it is an activity, ask them how it is going.,
Pretend that he is just a normal dude.

When you approach him, does your face all of a sudden turn red? Does your body shake? Does your heart skip a beat? Does your body all of a sudden feel sick or cold or warm? You could ask your friends to give you a little update on that each time whether you’re near him, close to him, or around him.;
, You don’t want that to happen because you’re not ready for a move yet. And you’re not ready because you’re reading this article and because you don’t know what to do when you’re around him.

, You should even look at something else that will get your attention off that boy. Like, say you had homework. Think about it and see if you did it right. Or, if you’re at a store, you can just look through the aisles and think of what you want to buy. And if you’re with friends, don’t look in his direction; just try to keep cool– talk and pay real close attention to what your friends are saying. Try to act as if he isn’t even there. Slowly, you’ll start to get over your shyness.

, Do it slowly because it will not happen right away. It will probably take about 3 days or more, and maybe possibly even a week. But it will help you A LOT!

, Look good, but be yourself and don’t change yourself or who you are. it will make you feel better about yourself. Your crush may notice you if you are very positive, confident, smart, and outgoing around him!

, For example, when you’re with them, ask them, “Do I look pretty?” and of course they will tell you the honest and real answer–“Yes!”–not a fake answer.

, If it’s music, ask him about new concerts or CDs!

, Try to act like you do around your friends or family members.

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