How to Get over an Ex Who You Lost Your Virginity to at a Young Age



Give it time.,
Avoid rebounds.,
Start dating again when you feel ready.

The unfortunate reality of any breakup is that it will take some time to get over, and there is no way to fast-forward through to end of the painful part. Accept that it will take a while to completely get over your ex, and don’t try to rush it.

Psychologists have found that it takes the average person 11 weeks to start feeling positive changes after the end of a relationship.Don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer for you. The fact that there was a memorable “first” in your relationship makes this recovery emotionally intense.

, Many people feel that the best way to get over someone quickly is to go out and find someone else as soon as possible. Some people believe that having sex with another person will cause you to get over your ex. These “rebound” experiences, however, are often not healthy.

Dating (or having sex) again before you are over your ex can lead you to make comparisons between the new person and someone you still may love. This can end up making you feel lonelier than you were before you started dating again.Rushing into a new relationship before you’re over your ex can end painfully for both you and the new person you have started dating.Especially if losing your virginity was a negative experience, do not rush out and have sex with other people right away. A negative “first” like this sometimes leads people to seek out similar experiences with others, leading to more bad experiences and heartbreak.Wait until you have gotten your emotions under control before getting romantically or sexually involved again.

, When you feel you are over your ex, or at least not dealing with intense emotional pain on a regular basis, you can start looking for a new relationship. Only you will know when it is the right time.

After a hard breakup, many people are afraid to love someone again. It can feel scary to open yourself up to the possibility of being hurt. In the end, though, it’s worth it.Having new romantic experiences will enrich your life and help you see that breaking up with the person who you lost your virginity to is not the end of the world.

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