How to Get over a Middle School Breakup



Give yourself time to mourn.,
Examine the relationship.

If you loved your ex a lot and had a happy relationship, you’re most likely feeling downright depressed. If you pretend that you’re fine and don’t process your feelings, though, you’re only causing yourself long-term emotional damage. Take a week or two to mourn over the breakup, but make sure your mourning period is not so long that it interferes with your ability to enjoy life in the future.;
, Was the relationship a happy relationship, or was it toxic? If the relationship was toxic or manipulative, breaking up was the right move. If you find yourself still wanting your toxic ex back, make a list of the negative qualities of your ex and the reasons why your relationship was poisonous. Sometimes losing the worst relationships hurts the most.

If your relationship was perfectly happy and compatible and the two of you decided to break up because you just felt as if it’s time to start seeing other people, remind yourself that people change and grow, especially during the teenage years. Typically, in middle school, relationships are not long-paring and breakups often occur at this stage. Perhaps your ex broke up because he or she felt drained by the commitment of your relationship and desired for more time with friends and family.

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