How to Get over a Middle School Breakup



Remove all objects or mementos that remind you of your ex.,
Avoid contact with your ex.,
Avoid going to places where your ex could be.,
Avoid using the same routes at school, if possible.,
Refrain from asking you and your ex’s mutual friends how he or she is doing.

Keeping these objects will only make you miss your ex more and more. For example, if you have a picture frame of a wonderful day that you had at your favorite place, you can place that frame out of your reach until you’ve gotten over your ex, but don’t throw it away; you will probably regret it in the future.

You should also avoid visiting any places that remind you of your ex, whether it be a local park or the skating center. Visiting these places will only make you even more depressed.

, If you previously maintained contact with him or her on social media, unfriend/unfollow and block him or her. If you have your ex’s phone number, remove it from your contacts. Refrain from texting, calling, emailing or using any way of keeping in touch with him or her. If you try to keep in contact with your ex, this could upset him or her, and it is not worth it since the two of you already broke up.

, For example, if he or she always goes to Gameworks, avoid going to Gameworks. If you suddenly run into your ex, it could be very awkward.

, If there are alternative ways of getting to class where you wouldn’t have to worry about running into each other, use one of those ways. If you can’t avoid your ex at any cost, remain friendly but don’t say much when you see him or her. A simple “hi” is okay, but refrain from chatting casually on the way to class.

, Those friends will probably not wish to discuss this topic, and asking about your ex will only make you want him or her back more.

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