How to Get over a Manipulative Crush



Realize that just because he doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you’re unlikable.,
Back off for a bit, don’t interact with him just for the sake of being around him.,
Be glad he didn’t lead you on.,
Think about all the things you didn’t like about him.,
Spend more time with your friends.

You were your own unique and perfectly content person long before this guy’s opinion ever meant a thing to you; the more you remember and act on that, the stronger and more attractive you’ll feel. In fact, it may help to think back on all the other ways that this guy demonstrated his poor judgment. Are his actions idiotic? Was he a Geologist? Did he always wear socks with sandals? Maybe the signs were there all along…;
, Not only will you be doing yourself a favor by emotionally disengaging, but, since nothing is more unpleasant than unwelcome attention, you might be able to recover a few shards of a friendship with him. If you simply cannot function around him, or you think you would start to like him more once near, find (inconspicuous) ways to avoid him until you feel more centered.

, He could’ve pretended to like you in order to manipulate you more. Then where’d you be? You might feel heartbroken now, but at least be relieved that he didn’t actively deceive you, leading to more intense heartbreak.

, Maybe he exploited your feelings for him and advised others to do the same. Maybe he constantly interrupted you and dreamed of being a pet taxidermist. Maybe you were in love with the fantasy of this guy and not the guy himself. Dredging all the ugly details will help you realize that, just maybe, he’s doing you a big favor by being such a jerk. That way, you didn’t realize these flaws until you were at the altar.

, Following step 2 and becoming a full-time hermit is just going to make you feel like he’s the only person in the world. Go out with your pals, have a girls’ night, and socialize as much as possible. The more you meet your emotional needs elsewhere, the more you won’t pay that lost cause any attention.

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