How to Get Over a Long Relationship That Ended



Focus on yourself.,
Identify the positive consequences.,
Learn from your mistakes.

New relationships can cause you to expand your sense of self because you adapt to another person. However, after a breakup it can be difficult to regain your unique identity and make sense of your daily activities.So, work on redefining yourself and celebrate your individuality and uniqueness.Some people can get a sense of freedom after a relationship ends, use this feeling to your advantage and explore new activities.Explore activities that you previously liked but were too busy to engage in.
Get a new haircut or style.

, Many people find that breakups, while hurtful and difficult, produce positive results in the end.Identifying some of the positives outcomes of the breakup may help you feel less sad or angry.

For example perhaps the breakup helped you focus more on school, work, or other obligations. Some people feel that breakups allow them to have more freedom.
You may also have personal positive outcomes from the breakup such as more confidence, self-reliance, and self-acceptance.
In addition to environmental and personal outcomes, you might also have gained more communication skills throughout the relationship and learned valuable relationship skills (i.e. learning to admit when you’re wrong).

, Some breakups occur due to lack of satisfaction within the relationship, inadequate personal investment, or perception of alternatives (“there’s plenty of fish in the sea” mentality. People are more likely to break up if they have a strong social support system outside of the relationship.

For example, individuals may be more likely to breakup if they are unsatisfied or not respected.
Attempt to identify things that you could have done better, but don’t beat yourself up.View the relationship as a growing opportunity that will help you navigate future relationships. Try to reflect (think logically) instead of ruminate (getting caught up in negative thinking).

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