How to Get over a Crush Because You Have Moved Away



Decide whether or not you want to stay in touch.,
Let yourself be sad for a while.,
Spend some time thinking about your crush, but limit it.,
Write it out.,
Give it some time.,
Make new friends.,
Start with a clean slate.,
Try new things.,
Stay healthy.,
Find a new crush.

For some people, staying in touch can be a nice way to keep a friend who you’ve got a little crush on. For others, it can be like torture. Decide if you’re likely to ever see this person in real life again, or if staying in touch will only make it worse.

If you can’t be together and don’t live in the same area, consider cutting all ties. Dump the phone number, texts, pictures, and memories. The quicker you forget this person, the better.
Social media makes it pretty easy to keep in touch, which can be a blessing or a curse. It’s easy to chat regularly and keep up to date with their life, but that can be painful. Consider blocking them on social media, as well.;
, Sometimes, it’s ok to have a sad, lonely night on the couch, watching romantic Netflix movies. Have some ice cream and get the tissues out. Sometimes, this is just the thing you need to mope around a bit and move on.

Try to put a limit on it. If this wasn’t an actual relationship, there’s no reason to mope around for more than a day or two, lamenting your lost crush. You’ll find someone new.

, Allow yourself to think about the person you liked, but not for more than a certain amount of time each day. Set aside 20 or 30 minutes to think about the person so that you can process your feelings of grief and start to accept the fact that your crush is gone.

When the allotted time is up for the day, tell yourself that you can think about the person again tomorrow and immediately start engaging in an activity that is productive, such as homework or doing something fun.

, While you don’t want to constantly dwell on the sad feelings that you have, it’s not healthy to completely ignore them either. Write down the feelings you are experiencing through poetry, songwriting, short stories or in a journal.

You can also write letters to the crush that you don’t actually intend to send. Writing about your feelings or composing a never-to-be-sent letter to the person can help you process and release your feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

, While it hurts a lot, getting over a crush is going to eventually happen. Try not to spend too much money on chocolate and tissues. It’ll take time, but eventually the hole in your heart will get filled. Who knows, maybe at the new area you go to, you’ll find a new crush.

While your crush might seem like a person of your dreams, they’re really not as perfect as you may think. If you’re quite young, you’re going to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of new people in the coming years. It won’t be long before this little crush seems like a distant memory.

, Find new people to occupy your attention span. If you’ve switched to a new school, try your best to make as many new friends as possible. Consider making different kinds of friends, or finding other types of kids to hang out with. You might even find a good crush.

Consider telling them about your situation. Not only will it make you new friends, but they might try to set you up with someone, which would also distract you from the fact that your crush is so far away.

, If you’ve just moved, you’ve got a great opportunity to not only get over a crush, but to turn over a whole new page in your life. Nobody knows about your past here. Nobody knows what you used to be like. You can be anybody. Consider making a big style change, or switching things up at your new school.

Just because you never used to dye your hair purple or listen to punk rock doesn’t mean that people at your new school know that. They didn’t see your kindergarten pictures. They’ll never be the wiser.

, Go to that new cafe that just opened up down the street, join a club, get some hobbies. The more things you do the more people you’ll meet. Eventually you’re bound to meet someone who catches your interest.

Try to mix your life up a bit in little ways. Take a different route to school each day, or have something different for breakfast every day of the week. Keep looking for new ways to spice it up.

, It’s important to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and exercise any time you’re feeling depressed. Lack of sleep is known to affect mood and to make people more emotional, while long-term sleep deprivation is commonly linked to depression. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you feel refreshed and give you the energy you need to deal with your emotions and to move on with your life.

Engage in rigorous exercise for at least a half hour approximately five days a week. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising for a half hour or more causes the brain to emit chemicals that cause you to feel happier and more relaxed. Exercising will not only leave you feeling better physically, but it will help you forget.

, You shouldn’t stay stuck on this crush for very long. As soon as you get to your new town, start letting your eye wander. Check out the other cuties at your school and on your block. Find someone new to crush on, and your old crush will fade quickly away.

If you do meet someone, try not to compare them to your crush. People hold their crushes in higher regard than they do other people, so comparisons will fall short. Each person is a unique individual, so its pointless to try to find some one just like your crush.

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