How to Get Out of a Funk



Get some sun.,
Take a “personal day.” Instead of using all your vacation days at work for holidays, devote a day to your favorite activities.,
Rearrange your office or your house.,
Stop using Facebook while you are in a funk.,
Get out of town.

A lack of Vitamin D may result in mild depression (a funk), which is sometimes related to the changing seasons. Fortunately, the sun’s rays provide all the Vitamin D that you need.Each day, try to get out in the sun with your face and legs or arms exposed for 20 minutes. That is enough time to absorb Vitamin D without damaging your skin. Most people get this amount of exposure incidentally, for instance while walking to the mailbox or checking the mail. Be sure that you don’t overdo the amount of time you spend in the sun without sunscreen.
In wintertime especially, some people suffer from what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because the short, dark days don’t furnish enough Vitamin D. If you find that your funk seems to be related to the changing seasons or dark, dreary winter days, talk to your doctor about SAD and available treatment options, which might include phototherapy using a special light box that mimics the sun’s rays.;
, You may be in a working rut where you have forgotten what it’s like to enjoy the moment.

Take yourself out to lunch, to the theater, or to a sporting event. If shopping energizes you, try a little retail therapy– but avoid it if you typically feel exhausted or depressed afterwards.
Consider using your free day to start or finish a project you’ve been wanting to work on but haven’t found time for, like gardening or renovating a room in your home.

, A change can give you a new perspective. Don’t just move the things on the top of your desk, move the desk to the other side of the room.

Ensure that everything is clean and tidy. Simplifying and cleaning your surroundings can reduce anxiety and help you focus on the task at hand, instead of being distracted by the clutter around you. The process of cleaning itself can also be therapeutic, giving you time to focus all your effort toward one attainable goal.Consider going through your dresser and closet and getting rid of clothing that you don’t wear. Sometimes getting rid of all the things we have in excess of what we need can be liberating, and if you donate it you will feel good about helping someone else., Make Internet surfing and TV watching off limits after work for one week. Replace that time with hobbies and social activities.

A 2013 study found that people who use Facebook are less satisfied by life. Watching other people’s successes can make you feel inadequate. Similarly, spending too much time watching television or movies zaps your creativity, allows your body to sit sedentary for far too long, and leads to feelings of boredom and a lack of cognitive exercise. Take a break from reality shows, glamorous movies and social media so that you can get more satisfaction out of life., Although you shouldn’t run away from your problems, a temporary change of scenery can do you good. Buy a plane ticket or plan a roadtrip that is two or more days long.Think about the kind of environment you spend all your days in, and pick somewhere to visit that is very different from your normal scene. This will help change the sensory cues that are input into your brain every day, shaking things up and helping release creativity and imagination.What type of environments make you feel most alive and energized? Do you crave the bustle of the big city, or the quiet of the woods? Do you like the shushing of the ocean waves or the wind on a mountain top? Think of where you feel most free and fulfilled, and plan to go there, even if you can only spend a day.

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