How to Get Inside a Girl’s Head



Give her your full attention.,
Make her laugh.,
Talk about your skills without boasting.,
Establish connections with her.

Inspire a girl’s confidence in you by giving her your complete attention during a conversation. Make direct eye contact, nod and react while she is talking, and repeat things back to her to convey that you are listening. This will work to make you look charismatic and empathetic to her.For example, if she is telling you about her current project at work, interject with positive comments like, “I can imagine that involves a lot of commitment!” or “It sounds like you have great time management skills!”;
, Women respond to humour and appreciate people who can make them laugh. Laughter may also reduce shyness or defensiveness and make her feel comfortable with you. Tell a joke, do an impression, or share a funny anecdote about yourself to make her feel happy and at ease., Bring up your skills and hobbies in a tactful way to impress her without seeming arrogant. Wait for the conversation to lead there naturally, or ask her about her interests or hidden talents to set up the topic. Interesting talents or pastimes will make you seem more intriguing and dynamic.”For instance, talk about your surfing skills by saying something like, “It’s a fun and challenging activity. I’ve been devoting a lot of time and practice to getting better at it.”

, Create a rapport by looking for connections between the two of you. Shared interests, hobbies, or experiences can forge a bond between people. Ask questions until she reveals an aspect of life that you share, then highlight that mutual connection.For instance, if she mentions a love of zombie movies, express your appreciation for the genre by telling her your own favorite films.

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