How to Get Hamsters to Stop Fighting



Get a larger cage for both hamsters.,
Set up the cage so there are no blind corners or blocked off areas.,
Provide two beds, two water bottles, two food dishes and two wheels.,
Stick to the same daily routine for both hamsters.,
Handle both hamsters together before returning them to their cage.

Your hamsters might be aggressive with each other because they have limited space to live and play. This can trigger your hamsters’ natural tendency to fight for territory. One hamster should have at least 360 square inches of floor space, so two hamsters should have at least double this size.Talk to a sales associate at your local pet store to find a cage that is large enough to keep both hamsters happy and stress free.

, It’s important to lay out your hamsters’ home so neither can trap the other. Avoid long expanses of tube and any blind corners. Make sure any boxes or houses in the cage have at least two exits, so both hamsters cannot be trapped together at once.There should also be no narrow corners or sections in the cage to prevent the hamsters from getting stuck or blocked in.

, Have two sets of accessories for each hamster so they don’t have to share or fight over a bottle or a bed.Having two beds is important, as most hamsters do not like sharing beds. If possible, you should also provide two sets of toys, like two wheels or two boxes with two entrances.
You should also provide two large food dishes for the hamsters, large enough to fit one hamster in the dish. Most hamsters like to sit in their food dish and don’t like to fight for space in the same dish.

, Show the hamsters equal treatment and care by feeding, playing, and grooming them at the same time every day. This will cut down on any tension between them and bond them together. Once the pair spends significant amounts of time together, they should treat each other like companions and have less aggression towards each other., Try to always take both hamsters out of their cage at the same time and handle them together in your hands so they have the same scent on them. This will reduce chasing in their cage and any stress between the hamsters.

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