How to Get Guys to Notice You



Do what you love, and let your passion show.,
Dress to impress.,
Consider where the guy spends his time.,
Catch his eye.,
Consider getting to know the guy’s friends.,
Be respectful of a guy’s space.

Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a singer, or a writer: spend time doing what makes you happy. The first step to getting noticed is feeling (or at least appearing) confident and comfortable in your own shoes.

If you’re in your element, you won’t feel so self-conscious. Confidence is attractive, and guys can often tell when you’re comfortable with yourself. Focus on doing what you love, and the rest will follow.
Have a good time with your friends. Laugh a lot. Guys may find you more attractive if you seem like you’re fun to be with.
Relationships often sprout from common ground. If you spend time doing what you love, you’re more likely to find someone who shares your passions.;
, When you know you’re going to see the guy, wear your cutest outfit. He may notice your outfit, and he may not–but you will likely feel more confident, and that can make all the difference.Consider wearing clothes that the guy might relate to. If you’re crushing on a guy who’s into music, wear a band t-shirt. If you’re crushing on a guy who’s into sports, wear a shirt or jersey with the name of his favorite team. If the guy sees that you have interests in common, he may be more likely to think of you.
You don’t need to wear revealing clothing to impress a guy. In fact, many guys may be turned off by “trashy” clothing that reveals too much. Respect yourself and consider the social consequences of what you wear.
Consider wearing makeup, but don’t overdo it. A little makeup goes a long way. Ask your mother, your older sister, or another female relative for advice if you haven’t applied makeup before.

, Join clubs, teams, or groups that he has joined, and put yourself into a position to grow close to him. Make it a natural process.

If a guy is involved in the science club, consider joining the science club. Only do this if you are genuinely interested in the science club; this approach only works if you can impress him by being as passionate about his hobby as he is.
If a guy runs for your school’s track team, consider joining the team. Again, only do this is you are genuinely interested in track. You don’t want to be noticed for the wrong reasons.
If a guy is in a band, consider going to his shows. Get to know the scene and compliment him on his music.

, From time to time, gaze over in his direction. When he notices you, discreetly lock eyes with him for a moment, then look away.

Smile coyly, if you’re feeling bold. Research indicates that guys are more likely to approach girls when they are given clear signals that their interest is returned; smiling will subtly tell him that you’re interested.After you lock eyes, don’t look over at him for a while. Repeat occasionally. He may begin to glance over at you more often to see if you are looking at him.
Avoid looking at him too often. Be flirtatious, but don’t be creepy., If you have mutual friends, spending more time with them can be a great way to grow closer to your crush.

If his friends like you and see that the two of you have chemistry together, they may help convince him to go for you.
Be careful: sometimes, getting deep into a guy’s social circle can complicate matters. If you share too many of the same friends, your crush may be afraid that asking you out will disrupt the friend group. He may worry about the complications that could ensue if the two of you break up down the line.
Be aware that if you grow close to a guy’s friends, some of them may fall for you instead. If you aren’t open to this, be careful with your flirtation.

, It is one thing to move in the same circles as someone; it is another thing to follow him around. Stay true to yourself, your friends, and your interests, even as you make an effort to get close to him.

Be forward, but not forceful; don’t push yourself upon him. Let him notice you for who you are.

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