How to Get Guys to Notice You



Introduce yourself.,
Use social media to your advantage.,
Develop a friendship first.

A guy will be more likely to notice you and remember you if he knows who you are. Strike up a conversation that makes sense: talk about a class that you’re both in, a holiday that’s coming up, or something that he’s wearing.If you’re members of the same class, club, team, or friend circle, you will probably see each other on a regular basis. Take advantage of this proximity; spend time with him and build a friendship.
Make a joke, or comment on an interest that the two of you share. If you’re in the same class, ask him about the homework. If he’s wearing a band t-shirt, ask him about the band.

, Getting to know someone online can mitigate much of the initial awkwardness. If you’ve gotten to know each other a bit in person, consider adding him on Facebook (or any site that you frequent).

Once you’re friends online, consider striking up a conversation over instant-messaging. Lead in with something nonchalant: ask him about the homework, or about a deadline for a club. “Hey, I forgot to write down the homework for Mr. Hoover’s class. Did you happen to get it?”

Once he answers your question, follow up with a more personal question. Something like, “So, any plans for spring break?”

Consider throwing in a compliment like, “By the way, good job on your presentation in English today! Your song was hilarious”.
Keep your first conversation brief, unless it’s going particularly well. You can build into longer conversations as you get to know each other.

, Take the time to get to know this guy and make sure that you like what’s beneath the surface.

Once you’ve gotten to know each other, you might decide to take the friendship further.

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