How to Get Brave Enough to Talk to Girls



Try Role-reversal.,
Speak Clearly.,
Don’t feel pressured because you aren’t trying to make a point, you’re not trying to impress anyone, and you’re definitely not trying to write a book about her!,
If you feel nervous, then you need to talk to every girl you see whether or not you like her.

Unless she’s too full of herself, she’s not aware that you think she’s special because normally, women aren’t scanning to see who wants them. Don’t approach women like a salesman trying to close a deal, but rather with the attitude of trying to be friendly and pass the time.;
, If you feel nervous, imagine you two are locked in the room and there’s nothing else to do… So talk! Always start with “hello, what is your name?” this is a good opening because it’s honest. You want to know her name, so you asked. If she doesn’t want to tell you her name or seems timid, then some light-hearted playful questioning will show her that there’s nothing to fear “aren’t you gonna ask me my name?” or “Nice name, is there a story behind it?” or “you look like a Stacey, don’t you think?” the goofier and dumber you think you sound, the less timid she’ll become around you.

, All you’re doing here is relating. She says something, you think about a similar experience and tell her about it. Keep it short and let her ask you about it if she wants to know more. EX: “I love music, I’m always going to concerts!” then you could say “never been to a concert, sounds fun though!” or “what kind of music do you like?” Again, keep it honest! you don’t have to like what she likes or be into the same stuff.

, Eventually, they begin to feel more like people instead of “girl” and once you can see them as people, it becomes easy to just say hi. Once you take the intimidation out of it, you can see more easily as to how she feels. Maybe what you once saw as a girl that’s not interested, was actually too nervous to talk to you! Then you can say the things you’d want to hear to calm her nerves. On the other hand, she might be comfortable talking to you and enjoys the attention. Either way, there’s no shame in wanting to get to know someone.

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