How to Get an Uninterested Girl to Fall for You



Take good care of your health.,
Make sure you are always well dressed and well groomed.,
Live your life.,
Play hard to get.

Taking good care of yourself is essential for your overall well being. As an added bonus, she may be attracted to you more if she sees that you are a healthy person. Make sure that you are taking care of your basic needs, such as diet, exercise, and sleep, before you go looking for love. If you are not in good health, take some time to improve your situation before you try to get this girl to notice you.Improve your eating habits, such as by reducing fat and sugar, or eating more fruits and vegetables.
Incorporate 30 minutes of moderate physical activity into your daily routine.
Sleep for about 8 hours every night.
Try meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises to help you relax.

, In addition to tending to your health, you should also be giving plenty of attention to your looks. Looking your best whenever you run into this girl will make it more likely that she will take notice. Try to make grooming and dressing well a part of your daily routine.Shower and shave or groom your facial hair every day.
Get a haircut if you have not had one lately.
Buy yourself some new clothes.
Wear nice smelling cologne and deodorant.

, By keeping busy and active in your own life, you will show this girl that you are independent and that you have a great life. It will also prevent you from becoming too focused on her, which can be unhealthy. Keep your commitments and make plans with your friends often. If the girl asks to see you, be honest about your schedule and don’t cancel plans just to spend time with her., A girl may be more likely to find you desirable if she has to work for your affection. That does not mean that you need to start ignoring the girl you like, but she may take more interest in you if you also seem a bit uninterested. For example, you could greet her the same way that you greet the rest of your friends and avoid giving her any special treatment or compliments.

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