How to Get a Year Old Boy to Kiss You



Pick a good location.,
Find a good topic to talk about.,
Flirt with him to show you want to kiss.,
Lean in close to his face.,
Make your move and kiss him.

The location helps to set the right mood for intimate encounters. Don’t choose places like loud parties that may make you feel under pressure, or places in public that would be awkward. Instead, find a secluded area in order to create a good setting for you to make your move. Whether you’re taking a stroll in the park or heading off somewhere, be sure that you both are away from people. He will be less likely to kiss you if there are others watching him.Wherever you choose to be, make sure you can talk and see one another easily so that you he can gauge your “kiss-me” vibes.
If you are having trouble getting him alone, tell him, “I want some fresh air. Would you like to come with me?”

, For a positive conversation, open yourself up to a variety of subjects in order to keep him interested. Be sure that you have a list of topics or questions to discuss with the boy. While it’s important to listen to him, you must also talk in order to have a successful, fascinating conversation.

, When you’re talking, initiate light contact by touching his arm. Make eye contact in order to appear interested in what he is saying. Smile at him once in a while to assure him that you are comfortable around him. Don’t hesitate to tease him lightly or laugh at his jokes.

Keep your flirting subtle to avoid scaring him away.

, Half the battle of kissing someone is getting close to their face. If you keep a close proximity to his face, then he can more easily gather the courage to kiss you., If he is not being forward enough, you may have to initiate the kiss. Be sure that the mood is light and happy. Smile at him before moving closer to him in order to show that you are open to him. Look up into his eyes for a moment, smile, and glance down at his lips. If he doesn’t move forward, lean forward and lightly press your lips to his.

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