How to Get a Shy Guy to Like You in Middle School



Get to know him better.,
Do things for yourself.,
Be flirty.,
Don’t wear too much make-up.,
Don’t change yourself for a guy.,
Be playful.,
DON’T try to make him jealous.,
Hang out with his friends.,
Keep eye contact.,
Mirror him.,
Be honest with him.,
Tease him.,
Break the touch barrier.,
Get him to laugh.,
Be nice.

Become his friend, and gain his trust. If he can trust you, then that’s great!;
, Make sure you can do some things on your own, rather than being ‘wimpy’, but also don’t try to act really ‘tough’.

, Be a little flirty with him, but not to much, until you really get to know him better.

, Once you get to know him better, you can open your arms and greet him with a hug… If he says no, but you happen to know he likes you, then it’s because he’s too shy to give you a hug… but he will be wishing for a hug later on, even if he denies a hug. But still, give him some personal space if he REALLY protests against it. Or just give him surprise hugs.

, Ever. If he likes make-up, you can put on a little extra, but if not, then try limiting the make-up you put on. If you don’t wear any make-up, then that’s fine too. Lots of guys like natural beauty.

, Pretty simple. If you change for every single guy, then you’re not yourself. Just be yourself.

, After you know him for quite a while, and you’re great friends, you could give him a quick kiss if you’re sure he likes you. Just a quick one, not a big kiss or anything.

, Playing different games, even if they may seem stupid or silly.

, Poke him, hug him, wink at him, do whatever… If you’re really, REALLY brave, you could do bigger things, such as play footsies or tickling him or having him tickle you or both. Do whatever. Be creative.

, If you like him, don’t expect him to like you back if you try to make him jealous. If he sees you with other guys, chances are that you honestly don’t like him and that he won’t or will stop liking you.

, But don’t be around them more than with him, or he could feel that you like them more than him. Also remember that if his friends don’t like you, that they could influence him to dislike you.

, If you make eye contact with him, keep it for just a few extra seconds. Too long and it can seem awkward. Too short and it seems like nothing. But keeping eye contact for a few extra seconds, then smiling, is good.

, To be close to him on a certain level, mirror certain things he does, or copy them. Not all the time, but just occasionally do things that would be normal for you both to do, to connect on a certain level.

, Never be distrustful, and always stay honest with him- If he deserves it, which he probably does, then ALWAYS be honest. ALWAYS. Make sure you both are always honest and open with each other.

, Not in a mean way, but in a more playful way. Make sure he can tease back, and that you both enjoy the teasing as a joke.

, Touch him, poke him, just touch him in general. If you don’t want to openly touch him, just lightly have your arms brush against each other, on ‘accident’. Or, run your hand up his leg, whether by accident or on purpose. Pretty much just touch him anywhere. This will develop a closer bond between you both, and could make him like you more than ever before. Start with small ‘accidental’ touches and then move up. An idea of ‘up’ is having your legs touch during class. If you happen to sit next to him, you could sit close enough together to practically be on the same chair. If he likes you even a LITTLE bit, then he’ll love this.

, If he’s not funny at his own jokes, laugh anyway, so he will feel appreciated. But also try being funny yourself.

, Be nice in general. Not just to him, but to everybody!

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