How to Get a Hamster to Sleep



Understand that hamsters are crepuscular.,
Play with your hamster during the early evening.,
Feed your hamster in the early evening.,
Take out all the toys at night and replace them in the day.,
Be sensitive to your breed of hamster.

This means that, while hamsters are not technically nocturnal (awake only at night), they are most active during dawn and dusk periods, and will be more active at night than during the day.If you have a hamster in your room, they will naturally want to play at night.;
, If your hamster wants to sleep, let it, but as soon as it’s awake again, continue playing with it. This may incline your hamster to stay up more during the day, since it will enjoy the play and attention, and the hamster may then be tired out and sleep better at night.

Do this for several days or even weeks until your hamster starts to wake up earlier in the evenings to play. Your hamster will still be active at night, but you can teach it to expect some activity during the day, too.

, Even if your hamster isn’t inclined to wake up until later in the evening, you can try feeding them slightly earlier.Chances are, your hamster won’t be able to resist the smell and will get up to eat, then may stay awake to play.

If you do this routinely, your hamster will associate getting up earlier with getting fed, and it will begin to get up earlier naturally.

, This way, your hamster will not have anything to play with during the day, which may make them more inclined to sleep and rest.

Give your hamster a new toy or a treat every day to keep him up and active.

, You should be able to find out what breed of hamster you own, either by checking with the pet-store clerk (before or after you buy the pet) or by looking up your hamster’s physical description online. The three most common types of hamster are Dwarf, Syrian, and Chinese.Syrian hamsters have relatively inflexible sleep schedules. They need to sleep during the day and have their activity times during evening and night.
Dwarf and Chinese hamsters, on the other hand, have more flexible sleep schedules. They may get used to activities during the day, and begin to wake up naturally for play.

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