How to Get a Hamster to Sleep



Look for signs of illness.,
Call your veterinarian.,
Take your hamster to the vet to be euthanized.

Since hamsters are such small animals, it can be difficult to tell if your hamster is sick. However, hamsters often hide their illness as long as possible, and any illness can quickly become serious. To see if your hamster is sick, look for signals like:Inactivity and loss of appetite.
Sneezing or wheezing.
Discharge from eyes or nose.
Diarrhea or wetness around the tail.
Hair loss.

, Hamsters are prone to certain illnesses, including respiratory infections and pneumonia. Hamsters can also contract skin diseases, including ringworm and various infections.If you suspect your hamster may have an illness, call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment for your hamster.

Many of these diseases are induced by stress and rapid diet changes.

, If your hamster is seriously ill and cannot be saved by medication or surgery, it may need to be humanely euthanized. This will also be the case for very old hamsters, whose quality of life has begun to decline. Euthanasia is inexpensive, and vets may be willing to perform the procedure for free if your hamster is suffering.

DO NOT attempt to put your hamster to sleep at home. Although they are small and delicate animals, hamsters, like any other animal, should only be euthanized by professional veterinarians.

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